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10 Most Beautiful Airbnbs In Negril Right Now For Your Next Vacation

Top 10 Airbnb Rentals in Negril, Jamaica

This resort town in Jamaica enchants tourists through its mindfulness-inducing charm. The uplifting sound of the beach waves, calming sea breeze, and the extraordinary blue skies will take your worries away in no time.

Best Airbnbs in Negril Jamaica

If you’re used to the city and a hectic lifestyle, spending time in Negril will prove to be a distressing experience. Tourists are the happiest when they stay close to the best tourist attractions, so here’s a list of the most striking accommodations for a life-enriching stay.

Travellers Beach – Garden View Room..

Negril Travellers Beach with Garden View Room
Imagine having this view of the 7-Mile beach while having your morning coffee, lunch or a glass of wine at dinner.

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If your yearning for some quality time with bae, or a much-deserved alone time, this option will keep your eyes sparkling. In the middle of a beautiful resort, you can enjoy a highly comfy and well-furnished room that’s intimate-sized.

Adjacent to your room is an excellent view of the rich garden and the beautiful sky above it. Look further and you have the gleaming beach going back and forth in front of your eyes. This one-bedroom lodging does not boast a lot of space but the view from its windows will make your heart race in amazement.

Cozy Condo Little Bay Country Club

Condo Airbnb for rent in Negril

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Many tourists have found a lovely home in Jamaica in the form of this accommodation. It is spacious, simple, and is a stellar property! The design reflects a simple rather than an extravagant look, which is perfect. Many times, what makes us genuinely happy are simple things anyway.

To make your stay more convenient, this 177-dollar per night home has all that you need to have fun, like a sparkling clean tub, an inviting pool, and a private beach that’s just a stone throw away. What this lodging is big on is enjoyment, relaxation, and security. If you came in a group with your loved ones, the onsite security guards have you covered round the clock.

Doc’s Wellness Retreat #2

Airbnb with welness spa in Negril
Wellness Retreat Airbnb in Negril
Airbnb with a beautiful sunset view in Negril

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If you’re after a secluded holiday destination, this b&b will give you a lot of serenity and comfort, while granting you a multitude of unforgettable experiences. From the first time you set foot in this place, you will notice the extraordinary atmosphere.

You will meet some of the friendliest and well-meaning staff, see the most stunning views, and taste one of the most remarkable dishes you can indulge in. If you are yet to try Jamaican cuisine, you can start with the saltfish. This flaked and deboned cod is flavorful and complements a lot of other meals. If you’re wondering about how this magical place came to be, don’t hesitate to ask the staff.

They would be happy to tell you about Doc’s researches around medical cannabis as a cancer treatment. For only 119 dollars a night, your mind, body, and soul will be enriched through a unique escapade.

Blue Skies Negril Beach Condo – 1 bedroom king

Airbnb Blue Skies Negril Beach Condo

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Anyone will easily make a home out of this condominium, thanks to the Earthy, tidy, and comfy interiors. This accommodation comes with a lot of essentials, which you would usually find in a home, but not in lodging that’s miles away from home.

The super hosts made sure you had spices available should you prefer to cook your meals, ice cube trays should you want a colder beverage, snorkeling masks if you forgot yours, and floats for the pool if you need one.

These little things show how committed the hosts are to bringing the best out of your vacation. Apart from this, you have powdery sand and the turquoise beach to spend the whole day on. This 257-dollar lodging won’t disappoint so check them out the soonest if you want to know more.

Beach House Condos – Lower Jungle House

Negril Beach House Condos for rent
Negril Lower Jungle House Exterior View
Beach House Condos, Negril beach

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This beach house will give you the feel of living in the jungle, minus the discomfort. If as a child you wondered about how it would feel like living in a treehouse, your next visit to Negril is an opportunity to live that dream. You will enjoy a spectacular view of the lush trees just by looking at your windows.

Like in the jungle, you can enjoy the waters hugging the sand beneath your 2-bedroom home. If you want a unique slumber experience, this 190-dollar accommodation is what your lofty dreams are made of.

Cliffedge Suite – Upper Level

Cliffedge Suite Negril, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica

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If simplicity is not beneath you, this 432 ft² suite will amaze your senses! Its 114 ft² spacious balcony resembles a cliff, where you can stand as your eyes wander the seemingly never-ending vastness of the sea.

This suite’s location is especially perfect for watching idyllic sunrises and sunsets. Watch the blue sea turn orangey and vice versa, and more, for just 149 dollars a night.

Palm Villa

Beachfront luxury Palm Villa Airbnb Negril
Palm Villa – Villas for Rent in Cornwall County, Negril, Jamaica
Beautiful Beachfront Airbnb in Negril

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If you want an Arabian-inspired luxury, this villa is perfect for you! The Arabian feel will pamper your need for grandeur, while the Asian influence reminds you of nature-centered living. You will especially love the beach. Its seven-mile area reflects only the most entrancing shades of blue and the most idyllic white sand. After a long day, you can lounge back to the villa which comes with a fully equipped kitchen and breakfast bar.

You also have ample entertainment choices, in case you fancy staying indoors. All in all, you will be amazed by the inside and the outside of this 1,500-dollar villa. Make sure you capture the picture-perfect moments because every minute here is worth sharing with the rest of the world.

Little Waters on the Cliff

Best Luxury Airbnb Negril
Negril Jamaica Luxury Airbnb Rentals
Little Waters on the Cliff Airbnb Negril

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Like you, the view by this area in Negril can melt hearts. Undeniably, this cliff offers the perfect romantic getaway, making “no” an elusive answer to any proposal.

The outstanding view is matched by the equally astounding 4-bedroom villa, which is certainly among the dreamiest vacation homes out there! Its stone-buffed staircase looks ravishing in dirty white as it beautifully connects the villa and the beach.

Inside the heavenly living space are a resort-style pool, a relaxing whirlpool spa, all the amenities you need, and the most accommodating staff. This beauty is priced only at 850 dollars per night. If this deal isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is.

Somewhere West Room in aparthotel hosted by Angela

Somewhere West is a privately owned small boutique hotel located in the Deep West End of Negril

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If you’re planning a party, this 6-bedroom b&b will comfortably fit 16 guests and more if need be. Whether you’re planning a quirky bachelorette party or a grand children’s party, your guests will surely love this place! You can enjoy the entire pool 24×7 and the beach too. The hosts would love to help you with any babysitting needs so don’t hesitate to contact them.

If you want to make the party happen in this beachfront property, you’ll get more than your money’s worth. The stellar views, the generous amenities, and the electrifying colors are surely meant to give you an unforgettable experience.

SurMer 2-Bedroom Premium Cottage with Pool

Negril Luxury 2-Bedroom Cottage

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If you’re traveling in five, a luxurious two-bed and two-bath cottage will fit your privacy and enjoyment needs. This premium cottage offers a spacious and cozy living room, a beautiful porch, a fully functional kitchen, and many more.

Apart from the essentials, you also get to enjoy a beautiful pool, a relaxing hot tub, and an idyllic entertainment area. This 402-dollar b&b is ideal if you want to live large and comfy, especially as you host events.

*Negril Airbnb Rates may change without prior notice. Please check Airbnb for updated rates, room availability, and Negril Airbnb promotions.

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