Walking around Puka Beach in Boracay

Puka means hole and while you may have thought that it is a particular kind of sea creature that lives in the puka shell, that’s not right. A puka shell is simply a small shell with a hole in it. Also known as Yapak Beach, this area was popularly known as Puka Beach due to abundance of puka shells bleached white under the mighty sun.

secret beach boracay
Puka Beach

So a puka shell necklace is a necklace made from shells with holes in them. The reason I am telling you this is because when I was up at Puka Beach on Boracay a few weeks ago, I heard an American girl ask her boyfriend “What does a wild puka look like?”

boracay baller id
Boracay Baller ID

I almost peed my pants. Essentially she was asking about a wild hole. Oh well, we all have to learn sometime. In fact, they were doing the same thing I was. We were all on Boracay relaxing on one of the most idyllic beaches in the world.

fresh coconut juice
Fresh Buko Juice

Not only that, each of us were picking up the tiny shells with holes in them that are used to make the puka shell necklaces that everyone seems to love. The beach is on the northern end of Boracay and don’t worry, the wild pukas are very friendly there.  LOL

puka shells neclace
Necklace made from Puka Shells

The snorkeling is great too but not during the rainy season. The water is safe and warm and the coral is very healthy. It’s nice to get away from the crowds on White Beach and just relax in the water and on the sand. I took a tricycle cab to get there and took a pedicab back to White Beach where I had a little drinking and dancing with couple of Korean friends.

souvenir shops in Puka Beach
Souvenir Shops in Puka Beach

Back on the beach, a guy came by selling ice cream and I was very happy to get one. The price was cheap and really what can be nicer than ice cream on the beach. Well, a fresh buko juice and a cold beer sometimes is and it turns out that the tourist couple near me brought a cooler filled with them! Our puka collecting expeditions merged into one camp with us comparing shells and putting away cold ones.

Boracay Paperweight

Later I brought out my chips and fruit and they shared their sandwiches with me. You gotta love a spontaneous potluck with strangers or should I say new friends:)

We were very lucky though, the wild pukas seem to have left us in peace…this time!

  1. Dante says

    My feet still have not touch the white sand of Boracay. Planning to go by next year with my wife.

    1. melo says

      @Dante – Go to Boracay during off peak season… its much cheaper and the island is not that crowded

  2. Boracay Hotels says

    What a lovely accessories, it’s from boracay right? Boracay is the best ever… Filipinos is creative

    Tanya Gemarin

  3. rosella goson says

    i love your blog… super informative and great photos

  4. Trip@dora says

    haven’t been here but i might just visit this place in march. hehe. how did you get here? pwede by land?

    1. melo says

      @tripadora – yup its by land… pwede tricycle:)

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