Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs in Nabas Aklan

Just when you think you’ve seen everything that the Philippines has to offer, that’s the time you find a great place that makes you never want to leave. That’s probably why I’ve been here for so long in the first place.

cold springs
Cold.. Really Cold Springs

If you head into Aklan Province and go to Nabas, you will find one of the coolest alternative summer destinations in the entire country. The gushing waters of the Gibon River bring life and adventures to the local and foreign tourists alike.

river in Nabas Aklan
Clean River in Nabas Aklan

This is a place of wonder and mystery and if you don’t feel even a little bit of a sense of the mystery here, you will probably be the first. It’s long been a place where the locals come during the hot weather and you shouldn’t be surprised to find lots of school children jumping into the waters. For me, watching them was one of the highlights. They reminded me of how much fun we can really have when we let ourselves.

hurom-hurom cold spring resort
Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs in Nabas

You can actually see the water bubbling from the base of a tree at Hurom-Hurom and then you can get in the water and enjoy splashing with the youngsters. Young and old mix well here because this resort is frequented by families to have picnic or to celebrate special occasions as well. I was lucky enough to see a spotted deer when I wandered into the jungle nearby and my friends told me that it is very rare to see them in the open. I felt like I had already been rewarded though just by the chance to come here.

I think adventure will be to take a kayak down the Gibon River! I can only imagine the views that I’ll get and maybe I’ll be able to see one of the endangered Hornbills too. I’m told that they sometimes get spotted by kayakers and since I have the luck from the spotted deer sighting, I feel like my chances are better than good.  Unfortunately I needed to leave the town and go back to Boracay to meet a friend who just arrived in the Island… and that’s another story:)

  1. Boracay says

    Nice place for family outtings.. thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  2. milx says

    Visited the place way back 1999, now well improved. be there again and again soon…. very very cooling, soothing calming place to go to…

  3. mark says

    i visit this place 2 years ago (twice to visit this place–nakakarelax), the new beauty of hurom-hurom today is well developed unlike those past years.

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