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BILIRAN TRAVEL GUIDE 2019: Budget, DIY Itinerary, Where to Stay, and More

Candol Cove Beach Resort photo via

2019 Ultimate Travel Guide to Biliran Island, Philippines

Biliran is located in the Eastern Visayas Region of the Philippines. It used to be a sub-province of Leyte and became independent in 1992. It’s located not far away from Leyte and is connected via a fixed bridge-causeway. The capital of Biliran is Naval. It has a total area of 536.01 square kilometers and is composed of two main volcanic islands and other islands. There is a combination of warm and cool climate in this region which they say is perfect for growing crops. Their wet season is typically during December.

Biliran Travel Guide photo by Rodel Bontes via Flickr CC
Biliran Travel Guide photo by Rodel Bontes via Flickr CC

In this 2019 Travel Guide to Biliran Island Blog, we listed some tips on how you can do your own DIY trip to Biliran. We also included Biliran Island Itinerary, Things to do and see, how to get there and more.

Best time to visit Biliran

Since its an island destination, Summer which is from March to June are the best months to visit the island of Biliran.

Map of Biliran

How to get there

Tourists coming from Manila can either fly to Mactan Airport or DZR Airport in Tacloban.

From Mactan Airport, go on a taxi ride going to the port where you can take the fast craft to Ormoc City or the overnight trip to Naval, Biliran.

From DZR Airport, you can go on a jeepney ride to Tacloban downtown and head t the shuttle buses going to Naval.

Where to Stay

Napo Beach Resort in Maripipi photo via
Napo Beach Resort in Maripipi photo via

Agta Hotel

  • Location: Brgy. Talahid, Biliran
  • Contact No. 09156971823

Trani’s Garden

  • Location: Brgy. Bato, Biliran
  • Contact No. 09991868811

Marvin’s Seaside Inn

  • Location: Brgy. Atipolo, Naval, Biliran
  • Contact No. 092142410002

Hagdan Beach Resort

  • Location: Higatangan Island, Naval, Biliran
  • Contact No. 0916 604 2273

Sambawan Dive Resort

  • Location: Maripipi, Biliran
  • Contact No. 0918 910 2141

Languages in Biliran

The inhabitants of Biliran primarily speak Cebuano and Waray, both Visayan languages. The majority of the residents also speak and understand Tagalog and English.

Things to do and see in Biliran

Sambawan Island Adventure

Sambawan Island Photos by Bong Fahigal via Facebook
Sambawan Island Photos by Bong Fahigal via Facebook

Sambawan Island is one of the islets that makeup Biliran. It’s an uninhabited island at the western part of Marpipi. Its beauty is unique due to its appearance of small landmasses abundant with green grass, some rocky terrain, and white sand beach. The water is turquoise in color and the whole island is quiet.

There are outrigger boats in Brgy. Ol-og going to Sambawan and it will cost about Php600 for 6 persons for a round trip. It’s possible to go pitch a tent on the island. Read our Sambawan Island Travel Guide for complete details.

Visit Iyusan Rice Terraces in Almeria

Like the Ifugao Rice Terraces, Iyusan is also a man-made structure made by gifted hands in Almeria to boost the productivity of the local farmers. It’s an agricultural wonder and a sight where you can take lots of photos for its lush and green scenery.

Visit Candol Cove Beach

Candol Cove Beach Resort photo via
Candol Cove Beach Resort photo via

This beach is one of the white sand beaches of Marpipi, Biliran. It features azure waters and rich marine life in the surrounding areas so it’s best to snorkel in the vicinity. There are several cottages that tourists can rent and the area can provide much-needed chill time for visitors.

Discover Acaban Cave

Acaban Cave in Biliran photo via
Acaban Cave in Biliran photo via

Swim your way to this cave which opens to the sea and enjoy a few meters of loveliness. There’s a small spring inside said to be a source of healthy drink for locals. The cave is located in Brgy. Acaban. It’s a thirty-minute ride from Naval. The only accessible part of the cave is a 20ft opening. The caretaker narrated that there’s a treasure hunter once who bombed the cave to find treasures.

Trek to Bagongbong Falls

Bagongbong Falls photo via
Bagongbong Falls photo via

Bagongbong Falls features a narrow strip of waterfalls that has been sandwiched by towering rock formations in earthy red. It is reachable in 15 minutes via a forested area. Its water is crystal clear and cold and some say that it looks like a cathedral. The falls is located in Brgy. Caucab, Almeria town.

Visit Padre Gaspar Pilgrimage Site

Padre Gaspar Pilgrimage Site photo via
Padre Gaspar Pilgrimage Site photo via

Legend has it that Father Gaspar leads the settlers to this place when their group is trying to run from Moro pirates. He was looking for a safe place where there is a water source. He then pushed his holy cane to the soil and whispered some Latin words that plead ‘be the origin of water’. After that, water surfaced. The place is now called Padre Gaspar Pilgrimage Site which many pilgrims go to every Monday. The spring of water is responsible for supplying Brgy. Hugpa.

Chill at Canaan Hill and Honey Farm

Canaan Hill Farms photo via FB Page
Canaan Hill Farms photo via FB Page

Canaan is a Biblical place which God has promised His people for fertility and good harvest. In Canaan Hill and Honey farm in Brgy. Uson, Caibiran; they let Mother Nature take care of them and gift them with abundance. The serene place is perfect for people who love nature, organic farming/eating and relaxing. It’s a health and wellness place for all.

Marvel at Nasunugan Watch Tower Ruins

Nasunugan Watch Tower Ruins photo via
Nasunugan Watch Tower Ruins photo via

The Watch Tower was used between 1765-1774 but there was a time when the settlement was attacked so the only things remaining were a block of stones and corals. In the year 2000, the place was reconstructed using what remains of the old structure and this is what will greet tourists when they visit. It’s only 5-10 minutes away from Biliran town proper and it’s also the place that the locals say Fr. Gaspar had a fort built to serve as a sanctuary for the Biliranons.

Visit Biliran Mini Zoo

The mini-zoo is privately-owned but it’s open to visitors. You’ll find several animals inside like a lion, different species of birds and a ‘liger’ amongst others. It’s exciting to meet this kind of hybrid from a lion and tigress as its kind is rare.

Go to Higatangan Sandbar

Higatangan Island photo by
Higatangan Island photo by

This island features stretches of white sand beaches. It also has several interesting-looking rock formations. The island is rich with stories about pirates and ships. There is a 200-meter white sandbar that resembles the shape of a tongue. Some old folks say that some of the accidents that happened which claimed the lives of some people are because of the supernatural beings or gods. Whatever the reason, it is such a beautiful place and just being careful when there is a sudden gush of wind or big wave should be done to prevent untoward incidents.

Tour Naravil MFA Boardwalk

Offering a much-needed respite from the chaos of the city, the Boardwalk is where you can walk through and see a mangrove forest. It’s located in Barangay Looc, Cabucgayan. The place is rich in land and sea resources and it’s possible to take a hike or a dip in the sea. Aside from walking through the boardwalk, there are many activities to do in the vicinity like kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping and bird watching. They also offer catering services.

Relax at San Bernardo Spring Pool

San Bernardo Spring Pool photo via
San Bernardo Spring Pool photo via

If a spring pool, shaded trees and the sounds of chirping birds is good enough for you then you must visit San Bernardo Spring Pool. There is much to see but the pool gets its water from a nearby spring and it’s a good place to relax with friends. There are many large trees that keep the area a bit cooler. You can also bring some foods with you as you spend a couple of hours enjoying the weather of Biliran.

Tourism Contact Info:

Provincial Tourism & Information Office
Contact No. (053) 500 8892
Email Address: [email protected]

  • Police Department Contact No. 0928 766 2020
  • Provincial Hospital Emergency Contact No. (053) 500 9096
  • Fire Station Contact No. (053) 500 9404

Don’t mistake Biliran for a dull province that will take the backseat. In fact, it’s a place where you can truly experience nature. The place is filled with legends and myths that your visit will always be exciting. With careful planning and saving, you can be on your way to this ‘rising tourist destination’.

Have you been to Biliran Island? Help us improve this 2019 Travel Guide to Biliran Blog by sharing your personal travel tips and recommendations.

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