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Crumpler: Industry Disgrace Camera Strap


Crumpler offers one of the best designed Camera Straps for Pro and Photography Enthusiasts. The comfort is what differentiates this camera strap from the strap that comes along with the camera being purchased. The straps that are available with the camera are usually not very comfortable and results in pain around the neck for photographers using a heavier camera with bigger lens and extended battery pack.

Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap
Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap

Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap includes features such as moisture control. This feature is present inside the neoprene neck cushion with twin exhausts thereby limiting the evaporation to sweat sphere. The strap has an anti-slip rubber which ensures the strap sliding around the neck comfortably without any branded or marketing logos.

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Double length adjustment is a useful feature available in Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap. It helps in getting the camera towards any position as per the requirement. The tri-glide buckles present in the strap ensure dual upper and lower adjustments. The strap also provides users with a stronger webbing experience that is made possible through extra wide double weave tapering for ensuring better strength and security. The material being used for this is a one-piece flamed polypropylene cover that helps users in to have a better grip on their camera.

Industry Disgrace Camera Strap by Crumpler
Industry Disgrace Camera Strap by Crumpler

The strap allows users to attach any other extra gadgetry for instant access through its accessory loops tied tightly on left and right side. The strap has a multi-purpose use and can be used for carrying lanyard and camera. The only thing users have to do is to thread it along the gap between the neoprene cushion and the external liner. This strap has a width specification of 2.5 inches or 6.5 cm followed by 50cm or 19.7 inches height specification.

The neck pad of Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap is flexible enough to be stored in camera bags. Users can fold the strap into a third of its overall size for comfortable placement inside the bag. The secured loops ensure the camera is kept off the pavement. The parts of the neck pad of the strap located around the neck are made up of an air mesh material which would prove to be of most use during warmer temperatures.

Wearing Industry Disgrace Camera Strap in Canada
Wearing Industry Disgrace Camera Strap in Canada

The strap has the Crumpler name embedded on the inside of the neck pad. However, it remains hidden when put over the neck. This strap has been designed with suitable parameters so as to distribute the camera weight evenly across the shoulders of its user. Much appreciation ought to be given for the double layer nylon-reinforced PVC. This product is available in four different and attractive colours including brown, black, orange and beech. If you buy it online, It ships with a price tag of $35 which offers good value for the money being spent considering the user-friendly features it comes with.

Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap is an ideal choice for photographers who regularly carry a camera around their neck. The enhanced comfort and styling makes this product stay apart from other competitors in the market. It is more comfortable compared to the OEM straps offered by manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

The Industry Disgrace Camera Strap is available at Crumpler Robinsons Magnolia, Crumpler Trinoma, Crumpler Bonifacio High Street, Crumpler SM Megamall and Crumpler Robinsons Manila branch. Follow them on twitter @CrumplerPH and on Facebook at Crumpler Philippines.



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