(L to R) Weighted Blanket with Cooling Duvet Cover, Knitted Weighted Blanket _ Solstice Aromatherapy Set.png

Turn your home into a safe haven: 5 products you should own today

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (www.outoftownblog.com) – Work from home, zoom meetings, easy home workouts all sound familiar. The amount of time spent at home lately has been quite unprecedented. Trends have shifted from using essential oil diffusers to being a plantito or plantita to showing off newly renovated spaces.

Mondial Direct knows the value of your home right now as it has transformed into a multifunctional space.

Mondial Direct, a new arm under Mondial Medical Technologies which is a distributor of quality and cost-efficient medical equipment & supplies, arose because Filipinos need a reliable source for their health-related needs.

A special line of home essentials is what they provide, drawing inspiration from home as a safe haven.

UV-fy your personal spaces

Let’s face it, at times it is necessary to go out for essential errands and other activities. It is so stressful to come home with the thought of what one may be carrying from the outside into the confines of our safe haven.

Mondial Direct NVC CleanAire
Mondial Direct NVC CleanAire

The NVC Cleanaire Portable Air Sterilizer uses a 2-in-1 technology that combines UV-C and ozone sterilization to effectively terminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The lightweight battery-operated unit is three times more powerful than other models in the market and is proven safe for pets of animal lovers out there.

Mondial Direct NVC Germicidal Lamp
Mondial Direct NVC Germicidal Lamp

For its part, the NVC Germicidal lamp emits ultraviolet light that eliminates 99% of harmful pathogens in an area of 30-40 square meters, making it perfect for sterilizing homes. The quartz-glass coated lamp also has an intelligent motion sensor that turns off the unit when it detects persons and animals within a 10-feet induction range to avoid accidental exposure to UV.

Your go-to disinfectant spray

The world’s first powerful and all-purpose, hard-surface cleaner and disinfectant, Aeris Active is also a product offering of Mondial Direct. It kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi and continues to do just that for 7 days or 200 touches after application.

Aeris Active
Aeris Active

Aeris Active kills COVID-19 with its hospital-grade disinfection and leaves behind an invisible quat-polymer protective film that keeps surfaces germ-free. As the saying goes : One can never be too certain during such a time like this. These heavy-duty but affordable products can assure homemakers that no virus is welcome in the household. And with that out of the way, a relaxing and comforting space is always the end-goal.

Uplift your mood after a long work day

Solstice 2-in-1 Salt Lamp Diffuser
Solstice 2-in-1 Salt Lamp Diffuser

The Solstice 2-in-1 Salt Lamp and Diffuser is one of Mondial Direct’s offerings that can instantly uplift the mood in one’s home. Combining the advantages of a Himalayan Salt Lamp and an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, one will certainly feel twice as pampered and cared for. Essential oils are also on offer and can be bought alongside the Solstice or separately for a steal.

(L to R) Weighted Blanket with Cooling Duvet Cover, Knitted Weighted Blanket _ Solstice Aromatherapy Set.png
(L to R) Weighted Blanket with Cooling Duvet Cover, Knitted Weighted Blanket _ Solstice Aromatherapy Set.png

And what’s the ultimate comfort? For people hard at work every day, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. With Mondial Direct’s weighted blankets, be it the duvet or the knitted version, it’s almost guaranteed that one will sleep like a baby.

A home package you can’t say no to

To further allow Filipinos to have their own safe havens, Mondial Direct offers these select home essentials (Solstice, NVC Cleanaire, NVC Lamp, Aeris Active, and the weighted blanket with cooling Duvet Cover) for a sale price of P 20,000.

For details, come on over to mondialdirect.com.ph.

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