Tunisia – The Perfect Place For Vacation


The golden beaches and clear blue sea of Tunisia make the country really attractive place for great summer vacation. The beautiful long coastline offers to its visitors numerous opportunities for pleasant relaxing vacation and acts as a magnet to thousand of tourist coming from all over the world. The rich historical past of the North African state is also very impressive.

beaches in tunisia
White houses in Sid bou Said Tunisia

Once you are in the country you can enjoy really a lot of ancient ruins, well-preserved Roman monuments and amazing architecture. The places that you can visit during your holiday are pretty much, so check below just several of them and plan better your unforgettable Tunisian summer.

The capital of the country is also called Tunisia and it is contemporary metropolis where modern architecture with elements of French colonial past coexists with ancient monuments and remains of ancient civilizations. Tunisia is one of the reasons why you should visit www.cheapholidays.com. The colorful city with its luxury hotels, restaurants, markets and landmarks is really astonishing place for exotic and interesting summer vacation. Other places that worth your time and attention are:


This resort is one of the best in Tunisia and it is located really close to the capital. Hammamet is a lovely place with miles of beaches with fine sand, sparkling sea, modern hotels, many cafes, restaurants, water attractions, magnificent sunrises and sunsets. You can also find there many luxury discos, casinos, golf courses, fashionable boutiques and shops offering both traditional tunics and various souvenirs. It is really a place where you can hardly get bored. It is ideal for both family vacation and honeymoon.

It is another wonderful place for recreation and the third largest city in Tunisia. Many historians say that this city is even more ancient than Carthage, something that is more than 100% guarantee that you will have a lot of chances to touch the great past in the best possible manner. The amazing beaches with fine white sand, fine hotels with excellent service, shops, restaurants and bars are waiting for you in this small paradise.

Port El Kantaoui – Sousse’s tourist area is located north of the city and also offers colorful Arabic restaurants, plenty of green parks and alleys, many bars and restaurants, diving center, botanical garden, tennis courts, golf courses and other countless water attractions. Diving, snorkeling and windsurfing are just some of them that you can practice while you are there. It is easy to get to this marvelous city because it is also located close to the capital of the country.

There are also many other places that you can visit in Tunisia. If you have time you have to see Roman Amphitheatre in El Jem, Tataouine and Djerba Island. The best time to do that is from June to August when the temperature is perfect for spending a whole day at the beach. The prices in Tunisia are really affordable for many tourists, so be sure that you don’t have to be billionaire to have incessant fun and relaxing time.

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