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Gadget Review: Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank

Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank

Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank Review

Almost all travelers and tech-savvy people know that one of the most essential gadgets to bring anywhere aside from their phones is a trustworthy power bank. Agree?

Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank
Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank

Answering e-mails, posting on social media, and taking photos from your phone can totally drain your batteries – and one solution for that would be having a quality, fast-charging, and convenient power bank.

Last Saturday, among the items shipped along with Tronsmart’s speakers, is their TRIM USB Type-C Portable Charger Power Bank with a 10000 mAh. The package comes with micro USB lanyard cable, user manual, warranty card, and a VoltiQ card.

Here’s our review of this impressive power bank which is a bang for the buck!

Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank Review
Tronsmart TRIM Power Bank Review


Its design is very recommendable for every traveler out there. It’s thin with a 144x70x120 mm size and weighs 194.3g. As shown from the photo above, it’s almost the same size with my Iphone6 – which is by the way- also an elegantly looking power bank with a black matte finish on top and old-rose colored plastic frame.

The switch button is beside the 4-LED light indicator. There is also a total of 3 ports; the Micro USB input port, USB Type-C input/output port, and lastly, the USB Type-A output port. In case you want to put a lanyard, there’s an inbuilt lanyard hole for attaching accessories.

Tronsmart Power Bank Review
Tronsmart Power Bank Review


This TRIM power bank features a Power Delivery 3.0 making it one of the fastest charging power banks in the market! Did you know that it can fast charge an iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs & iPhone XR from 0 to 50% in 30 mins? Not just that! It can also charge 2 devices at a maximum speed!

Its power delivery tech can even partially charge a full-sized laptop with USB Type-C charging port.

What Else We Liked:

  •       It can fit in the pocket and purse
  •       Premium looking power bank
  •       Fast charging power bank
  •       Multiple output options
  •       Slim yet has a large capacity for charging
Tronsmart Power Bank Slim
Tronsmart Power Bank Slim


For $29, you can purchase your TRIM power bank at Amazon, AliExpress, and from Tronsmart directly.

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