Travel Gadget: 7 Things I love about the new iPhone XS Max

My new iPhone Xs Max

iPhone XS Max Review: What I Love about the Newest Apple Smartphone

Remember when everyone was talking about iPhone X last year and rushing just to get hold of Apple’s then latest Smartphone which promised exemplary quality both in design and its functions? Well, Apple’s done it again with their new iPhone Xr iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max and I admit that I’m as excited as everyone.

Apple iPhone XS Max Review
Apple iPhone XS Max Review

I recently got my own iPhone Xs Max and I’m totally loving it. Let me share with you some of the most impressive things I love about the new iPhone XS Max.

A Display that Wows Everyone

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

The newest addition in the Apple universe comes in an all-screen display that makes videos and photos look more vibrant. Take note too that iPhone XS Max comes in a 6.5-inch display that’s why I’m in awe that this Smartphone lets its user see a clear display in every use. The touch sensitivity features is also impressive.

Improved Speakers 

Since I travel a lot, I want a super-efficient Smartphone that I can use to listen to music or watch videos that have clear sounds when I’m away from home and its speakers’ capacity can achieve that.

The speaker audio of XS Max is located near the True Depth Camera. This means that I can record stereo audio while also taking videos and the sound will be much precise.

New iPhone Xs Max by Max Nelson via Unsplash
New iPhone Xs Max Photo by Max Nelson on Unsplash

Better Battery

The XS Max variety gives an additional 1 ½ hours usage against last year’s iPhone X so if I use it when I go out of town where I won’t be able to charge it at once, I don’t have to worry if I get stuck at a party because its added hours allows me to use it until I get home.

Apple iPhone Xs Max
Apple iPhone Xs Max

iPhone XS Max is Dual Sim

Here in the Philippines, most locals are adept to using two sim cards so that communicating is much easier. iPhone XS Max allows me to use my two top sim cards for faster transactions with people. While overseas, It will also allow me to use my primary sim card and a local sim card without carrying an additional smartphone in my pocket.

My new iPhone Xs Max
My new iPhone Xs Max

Upgraded IP68 Water and Dust Resistance

Not that I would intentionally drop in a pool of water but if it does happen, Apple guarantees that after much improvement of their newest Smartphone model, it will function just like before. This Smartphone can sit in 6.5 feet of water for half an hour. Aside from that, its sleek design is also resistant to dust.

iPhone XS Max Photography Features

I love the fact that taking photos is quick and effortless thanks to iPhone XS Max and since mobile photography is currently taking the world by storm, its camera features isn’t to be taken for granted.

iPhone Xs Max now in the Philippines
iPhone X s Max now in the Philippines

As a traveler, I consider a Smartphone’s camera one of its best features. The front camera of XS Max and iPhone X are the same; they both have a 7MP sensor and f/2.2 lens. The rear camera of both is also the same with 12MP sensors and f/2.4 lens.

What’s updated is its wide-angle camera which is now 12MP. Because of that, I’m sure that I can take better and crisper photos every time I’m at an event or checking out a new destination. The ‘focus pixels’ of XS Max has been doubled so its performance in different lighting conditions is also enhanced. I’m confident that with this new Smartphone by Apple, I can take photos in low lighting situations but I’d still be getting less pixelized photos.

The Portrait Lighting of This Smartphone is Spectacular

There are five portrait lighting effect in the new iPhone XS Max and these are Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage and Stage Mono so every selfie or whatever it is I’m taking photos of, I’m sure that the outcome is always a stunning photo.

The new iPhone XS Max comes in Gold, Space Gray and Silver and capacities of 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It weighs 208 grams with a height of 6.20 inches and width of 3.05 inches.

iPhone Xs Max Unboxing
iPhone Xs Max Unboxing

Suggested Retail Price of iPhone XS Max in the Philippines

Based on the Apple website, the price of the new iPhone XS Max in Ph would be USD 1,099 (Php59,351.50).

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