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Hiking Trails: Trekking In Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp

Trekking In Nepal

By Manoj Bohara

Nepal is heaven for those who love trekking. Blessed with the great Himalayas, diverse topography, mind-blowing terrains, amazing landscapes, tropical to alpine forests, fields, and pasturelands, and the ethnic communities all over the nation, Nepal offers once in a lifetime trekking experience. With Kathmandu as its capital city, Nepal is an Asian country located between two giant nations, China and India.

Kalinchok Trek
Kalinchok Trek

Along with the tallest mountain the world, Mount Everest, 7 more mountains out of 10 highest mountains lie in Nepal. Furthermore, there are so many other mountains that are between 6,000 – 8,000 m. These mountainous regions, forest areas, roaring rivers, varied terrains make the trekking trails in Nepal so breathtaking and exhilarating.

Mt. Machhapuchhre - Trekking in Nepal
Mt. Machhapuchhre – Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is mostly done in adventurous mountainous regions, and it is more than just walking for several days through the rugged terrain. It is a journey where one will understand the local culture and live the local lifestyle while observing nature and its view. This is what you will experience when trekking in Nepal, the natural beauty and exotic culture and lifestyle.

Nepal is one of the best destinations for trekking trips. Trekkers will not only have close encounters with the greatest mountains of the Himalayas but also experience the culture and lifestyle, which are far away from the modern world.

One can go trekking in Nepal at any time of the year. But the best times for trekking are considered to be spring season (February to May) and autumn season (September to December). You can trek even during the Monsoon season as some of the trekking trails lie in the rain-shadow areas such as Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo.

Annapurna Base Camp
Annapurna Base Camp

Anyone can trek in Nepal, as Nepal offers all kinds of trekking trails for the beginners or those who are experienced. Some trekking routes are easy and short while some are longer and more challenging. However, you can choose as you want to, you will enjoy it no matter it is a short or a long one.

Nepal offers two kinds of trekking packages when it comes to lodging and eating during the trek; teahouse trekking and camping trekking. Tee house trekking is the easiest and luxurious kind of trekking, where you will rest at guesthouse and lodges. You eat, sleep, shower, and even use the Internet during your trek. On the other hand, camping trekking is challenging, in the off-beaten trails in the remote areas. Trekkers should bring everything they need, cook all the meals, and sleep in a tent. Camping trekking is easier when done through trekking agencies, as they will provide cooks and porters.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

The difficulty level of trekking adventures in Nepal is categorized in 5 levels: Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, Tough, and Very tough. Trekking that includes 3-5 hours of walking and a maximum altitude of around 3000m is considered to be easy trekking. Trekking that includes 4-6 hours of walking and a maximum altitude of around 4000m is considered to be moderate trekking.  Strenuous trekking includes 5-7 hours of walking per day and elevation of 4500 m. Tough trekking includes 6-9 hours of walking with a maximum altitude of around 5000 m while 7-12 hours of walking with an elevation around 6000 meters is very tough trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking
Manaslu Circuit Trekking

No matter the level of the trekking and the duration, one will never be disappointed with the trekking experience. Whichever region you go for trekking, you will come across warm people, fascinating local lifestyle, ethnic culture, the scenic beauty of nature, and the grandiose vista of Himalayas. Depending on your past experience, holiday duration, and budget, you can choose the trekking route and gather the lifetime experience of trekking in Nepal.

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