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LOOK! House Approves Philippines Space Agency Creation

House moves for creation of Philippine Space Agency

Newly Approved Philippine Space Agency Bill Opens New Doors for Space Development of the Country

Manila, Philippines — The Philippines is set to embark on another milestone as the House of Representatives just approved House Bill No. 8542 or the Philippines Space Development Act last Tuesday, December 4, 2018. It was the third and final reading for the HB. The bill will include creating Philippine Space Agency to address security issues and the country’s own access to space.

Philippine Space Agency
Philippine Space Agency

The House Bill got 207 ‘Yes’ votes against 90 ‘No’ votes. All national issues and activities pertaining to space science and technology applications will be tackled by the Philippines Space Agency or PhilSA.

The bill also includes the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy or PSDUP, the policy meant to work towards the space development of the country and to allow the Philippines to be a space-capable nation in the next ten years. PhilSA is under the wing of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Its primary role is to plan, coordinate, implement, administer, develop and/or promote any national space program under the PSDUP. It will also be in charge of activities of SSTA or space science and technology applications. The bill described SSTA as “scientific principles and their applications to space science, engineering, and other allied fields.”

House moves for creation of Philippine Space Agency
House moves for creation of Philippine Space Agency

There will be six focuses with regards to the newly approved bill. These are; national security and development, hazard management and climate studies, space research and development, space industry capacity building, space education, and awareness and international cooperation.

There will an allocation of at least 30 hectares of land under the Bases Conversion and Development Authority in the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga & Tarlac for the official site of PhilSA.

This is definitely a milestone for the country as PhilSA will take charge in the fields of space science, engineering, and related fields. Finally, the Philippines is on its way to reaching new heights after the approved HB 8541.

Source: PTV News

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