Travel Tips: Preparing for a Multi Day Motorcycle Road Trip

Motorcycle Road Trip

Preparing for a Multi-Day Motorcycle Road Trip

Let’s be honest, nobody buys a motorcycle to sit in traffic. Riders want the freedom of the open road, away from the hustle and bustle of big city gridlock. It’s, therefore, no surprise many motorcycle owners specifically use their bikes for road trips and nothing else.

Motorcycle Adventure Trip
Motorcycle Adventure Trip

The trade-off is a tendency to be less familiar with the motorcycle riding experience, as road trips are inherently less frequent than daily commutes. Thus it’s important for infrequent riders to properly prepare for their trips, especially if they plan to be on the road for several days. Adventure and surprises are part of the fun for sure, but several key aspects of safe and responsible motorcycle riding must be addressed prior to departure:


Making sure the motorcycle is in working order with regular maintenance is key to a fulfilling multi-day road trip. If the bike has been garaged for several months, have it looked over before leaving. Next is making sure to have up to date motorcycle insurance prior to riding out of town. Proof of insurance is required for registration, so no doubt the bike had coverage once. But there’s always the chance the policy was canceled if the vehicle hasn’t been used in a while. A simple check with your insurer and/or getting a new policy can get the motorcycle legal in time for your weekend road trip.

motorcycle trip
motorcycle trip


Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is required by law for most riders in most states. Coupled with the potentially lethal consequences of operating a motorcycle without a helmet on, it’s a no brainer to have one before setting out on a multi-day, multi-state road trip. These days, riders can opt for Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmets, which allow for hands-free calls and music playing, amounting to even safer riding experiences.


One of the best parts of a motorcycle road trip is the greater possibilities for freedom – the chance to go places off-limits to cars and trucks. While we greatly endorse the experience of traveling famous routes, there’s nothing wrong with taking a diversion down an interesting dirt path. With this in mind, GPS display devices designed for motorcycles are an important thing to bring along. While a Bluetooth enabled helmet and GPS on your phone can do the job too, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup for when batteries die. This way, the uncharted territory can be explored without the fear of getting lost.

Motorcycle Road Trip
Motorcycle Road Trip


Several days of traveling by motorcycle are going to require some supplies. Packing light goes without saying, but it’s a good idea to bring several fresh changes of socks and underwear, as well as basic toiletries. Anything else is a matter of whether or not there’s room. Highly reviewed backpacks designed for motorcycle riders are a good investment for those looking to ride the open road, as they provide enough room to fit the aforementioned needs plus several other things as well, such as shirts, sleeping bags, and even a small tent.

If motorcycles are meant for one thing, it’s extended road trips. The freedom and adventure are unparalleled by any other mode of ground-based transportation. Yet despite this freedom, choosing to go on a multi-day motorcycle road trip requires a bit of preparation and forethought before departure. Safety measures and the gathering of relevant resources can ensure a motorcycle road trip is a fantastic experience from start to finish.

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