Travel Tips For Couples

Sugar Loaf Rio De Janeiro

Travel Tips For Couples

We live in a generation where a Travel lifestyle is acceptable and even desirable. As millennials we thirst for new adventures in various parts of the globe. “How do they do this?” the older generations ask. By being slightly (and bravely) irresponsible, and cleverly thrifty.

Traveling with a partner or significant other, is a great idea for multiple reasons. As a couple, we have figured out our own tricks to save money and have the best experience possible as we travel.

Enjoy our 6 tips for traveling couples.

This is me and my boyfriend Ben at ACL in Austin Texas.
This is me and my boyfriend Ben at ACL in Austin Texas.

1. Set expectations with each other

Go on a vacation with an idea of what you REALLY want out of this experience. Have each person write down 3 things they want to have happen on vacation.

Here is our list when we went to Rio De Janeiro:


  • Christus
  • Sugarloaf
  • Authentic Brazilian BBQ


Setting these expectation and expressing them beforehand will help the other person know what is important for you, and will make it a priority.

2. Share the Expensive Stuff

We all know that housing and transportation will be the biggest expenses but there are ways to get around that.

First of all, there are PLENTY ways to save money with alternative housing solutions, rather than staying in a hotel. Using local housing will do a few things for you.

First off, you get to know a local person! These people go through a level of background checks and security profiles. For example, when we us HomeAway we can filter by preferences like Wifi and air conditioning. Hopefully this helps you feel comfortable with booking locally rather than an expensive hotel. On top of that, these people want good reviews which will eventually give them more business. So they WANT to give you a great experience. They know the best places to go see.

Stepping away from the tourist areas and attractions is a great way to immerse yourself in a culture and find better deals rather than falling for the tourist traps.

Sharing housing with a significant other will help you save money and get to know the area better.

3. Couples Packing

Sugar Loaf Rio De Janeiro
Sugar Loaf Rio De Janeiro

Packing light is worth it, especially if you are backpacking with each other. Talk about and decide beforehand who will bring what.

For example, you really only need one tube of toothpaste, face wash, shampoo and conditioner.

4. Food

Splitting meals with a significant other is the way to go!

Unlike traveling with yourself where you only pick one thing off the menu, with two people you can experience more variety because you have someone to split the meal and the cost with.

You can try more expensive things on the menu and split the cost in half!

For example, we ate an authentic crawfish dish that was $25, AND got jambalaya, as well as a New Orleans desert. We ate what we wanted and didn’t have any left overs to carry around.

5. Entertainment

Catamaran ride in Costa Rica
Catamaran ride in Costa Rica

There are some things worth paying for. Don’t skimp on these experiences!

If you go to a museum pay for the audio commentary on one phone and use a Headphone splitter so you can both listen. This also works for movies on the airplane. Just pay for one movie and you can both watch it.

Talk to locals (or better yet, the local you are staying with) and see what you can do for a couples discount. 2 for 1! You would be surprised what people will agree on if you just ask.

Barter a little why don’t you!

6. How to Handle Couple Travel Finances

Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples

Have you gotten back from a trip with your friends and realize everyone paid for little things here and there.

You “thought” you would remember who owes what? Never happens. It can make for an awkward situation.

My suggestion? Have one person pay for the whole thing on the same credit card! THEN when you get home it will be easier to add things up and just divide them in half after currency rates have been charged.

Hopefully one out of the two of you have a Card with travel points (I really like my Capital One card), that won’t get charged a currency exchange. That way they get the points on the card,  have confidence that nothing has slipped through the cracks, and no one is charged for the currency exchange (if you have the right Credit Card).

In Conclusion, couples traveling is awesome. You get to see the world with someone you really care about. It can give you a deeper relationship as the ups and downs come with adventure.  Hopefully these 6 tips will help as you explore the world together.

Happy travels my couple friends.

Written by Molly Nye

Molly is the owner and writer of She enjoys iphone photography and documenting her travels throughout the world. Her goal is to become fully remote with her work and have a successful travel blog as she explores every country. She is currently based in Austin Texas USA.

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