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Travel Gadgets: Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review

Are you looking for a travel Smartphone that fits your budget? Xiaomi is a well-known brand among travelers who like smart devices. They’ve established a solid name for themselves with several successful releases, and the Redmi 1S (product info) is a fantastic choice if you’re on a tighter budget and want to make the most of it.

Where to buy Redmi 1S
Where to buy Redmi 1S

Redmi 1s Operating System

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Packed with a standard edition of the familiar Android operating system, there aren’t many surprises on the OS front in the Redmi 1S. You’ll find everything where you’d expect it if you’re already familiar with Android, and the OS’s customizability means that you can easily arrange your most important travel apps for convenient access. On the other hand, the operating system is a bit behind the main release line, so you may not always have the latest update available.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review
Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review

Redmi Hardware

While it doesn’t boast any impressive hardware specs, the Redmi 1S (price) is more than adequate for its price tag and will give you a stable, solid experience with its 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. You’ll also get to shoot pictures with an 8 MP camera, which produces some surprisingly good results for a mobile phone, and the device is also dual-SIM, which is one of the more highly sought-after features for traveler phones. If you like to video chat a lot, you’ll find the front camera more than adequate as well, although it does seem to put a bit of a strain on the battery, as well as make the device hot after prolonged use – but more on that in detail in the next paragraph.

Redmi 1s Battery Life

The battery comfortably lasts at least one day on a full charge, and you should never feel pressed to find a charger because the device unexpectedly decided to start rapidly draining. Don’t expect any miracles, of course – but as long as you have the option to recharge at least on a daily basis, you should be able to do just fine. The charge time is also pretty good, and you will never have to wait too long before your device is ready.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Price
Xiaomi Redmi 1S Price


One of the more impressive features of the Redmi 1S (buy online) is the durability of its design. This is a sturdy, well-built phone, obviously expected to take a lot of abuse (something normal for a traveler’s device). The downside of this sturdy design is that the phone is a bit bulky, and isn’t exactly fit for every pocket. It’s somewhat heavy as well, so you may want to be careful with where you’re placing it along your clothes, as it can cause some issues if your travel style is a bit more active.


The active noise cancellation works nice, and will definitely prove useful when traveling through noisy areas, such as an airport or a large market. This is one of the few devices where we’ve had to actually turn down the volume during a conversation as it was starting to get too loud, which is definitely a nice plus. Other than that, it doesn’t throw any unexpected surprises your way, but it does everything as advertised.

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