Travel Gadgets: OPPO F3 Plus Price, Specifications and Features

OPPO F3 Plus Unboxing via Youtube

OPPO F3 Plus – Price, Features and Other Things You Should Know

Oppo may not be as huge as global giants like Apple and Samsung yet but it is definitely on its way there. The Chinese electronics manufacturer is slowly making waves in the tech world as its quality is comparable to the best smartphones in the world.

OPPO F3 Plus Smartphone
OPPO F3 Plus Smartphone

One of its most recent releases, the Oppo F3 Plus cements the company’s trajectory to the top. With a 6-inch touchscreen display (resolution is at 1080 by 1920 pixels) and dual nano SIM capability, you would be hard pressed to find anything new and better in the market right now.

What to expect from the phone

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OPPO F3 Plus Unboxing via Youtube
OPPO F3 Plus Unboxing via Youtube

As far as Oppo smartphones go, the Oppo F3 Plus has one of the best specs. Not only is it powered with 64 GB of internal storage (expandable to 256 GB via a microSD card), it also runs a powerful combination of 4 GB of RAM and a 1.95 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor. It will be using the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and ColorOS v3.0.0i for the software interface and handling.


When you get your hands on the Oppo F3, you will see that it already comes with the basic Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar and the Google Play, which can’t be uninstalled. Other apps like the WPS Office will also already be pre-installed.

How much is Oppo F3 Plus in the Philippines
Oppo F3 Plus in now in the Philippines

Traveler-friendly features

A few features make the Oppo F3 Plus stand out for travelers. These are especially highlighted in the context of the many demands of traveling now.


The Oppo F3 Plus is a great friend to the Instagram-loving. It has a 16-megapixel camera for both the rear and front camera, unlike other cameras where the front’s camera quality is almost always way worse. This makes it easier for travelers to snap pictures of scenic places and themselves while on the journey.

OPPO F3Plus Camera
OPPO F3Plus Camera

There is a reason that the Oppo F3 Plus belongs to the Selfie Experts series of the company. The phone’s front camera actually acts as the main one, with 1/3-inch sensor and an f/2.0 aperture. The rear camera, on the other hand, has a wide 120-degree angle lens that will be ideal for taking photos of crowds.

The phone also has the capability to detect which camera will yield optima results. For example, if there are three faces detected in the shot using the front camera, there will be a prompt that will recommend using the rear one instead.

The camera of the Oppo F3 is fitted with the usual features that come with most smartphone cameras these days. It has modes like time lapse, panorama and beauty. You can also apply color filter and double exposure to add some drama to your photos. Users can even make a GIF animation from the photos that are taken from the camera. For complete specs, visit their official website.


OPPO F3 Plus has fast fingerprint sensor
OPPO F3 Plus has fast fingerprint sensor

Just like most Android phones that are in the market right now, the users of Oppo F3 has the choice to use a pattern lock so that people will not be able to use the smartphone without their knowledge. The Oppo F3 is also one of the first smartphones in the world to have its own fingerprint scanner. This fingerprint scanner has been integrated with the system so that the screen keypad only will be unlocked if the fingerprint matches the one in the database.

Battery Life

The phone makes use of a 4000 mAh battery, which means it can last up to an entire work day without being charged. In fact, the battery capability is measured up to be 8 hours and 57 minutes on average by the PCMark battery benchmark tests.

OPPO Great Design
OPPO Great Design

But even if your battery loses power, the quick charging capabilities of the phone can be a boon to your traveling as well. Just charge the phone for two hours at most and you will already have a full day’s juice to use your camera.

Connectivity and Adaptability


The Oppo F3 Plus offers many connectivity options, which will enable its connection capabilities to become wide-ranged. It can connect to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data, so you are free to upload pictures on social media all day. It also has GPS and Bluetooth features to maximize its travel friendliness for backpackers.

How much is Oppo F3 Plus in the Philippines?

The Oppo F3 Plus was released in March 2017. It is sold in the Philippines for the price of Php 23,990.

In conclusion, the Oppo F3 is a worthy investment for those that will be using it especially for selfies in their travels. For less than half the price of other premium brands and models, you get a lightweight but comfortable build and higher camera pixel density.

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