OPPO F3 and F3 Plus Is Now Available Through Smart’s Postpaid Plans

OPPO F3 Plus Smart Postpaid

The best selling smartphones now comes with flexible postpaid plans to match your budget and lifestyle

Oppo’s latest smartphones, the F3 and F3 Plus are now available in the latest postpaid plans of Smart. Customers may now avail the latest smartphone line-ups from OPPO by adding an additional Php800 on-top of their selected plan with a 24-months contract. The first 120 orders will also get an additional intricately made cord roll from Rags2Riches for free.

OPPO F3 Plus Smart Postpaid Plans
OPPO F3 Plus Smart Postpaid Plans

The OPPO F3 and F3 Plus can be availed with Smart Postpaid’s Plan 399. By just adding an additional 800 monthly fee, you will get 3GB data, 20 minutes call to all networks, unlimited all-net texts, and 500MB data allocation that you can use for Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger every month.

If you need higher data, calls, and text allocation, you can get a higher package of up to Plan 2,999 which will give you more flexible terms depending on your lifestyle. Getting Plan 999 and higher will upgrade you free data to free access to 1 chosen app up for the month.

Getting the OPPO F3 Plus will require you an initial cash-out for the unit of Php 2,000 and is locked up to 30 months. Meanwhile, the OPPO F3, has no cash out requirements for a 24-month plan.

Introducing the Smart All-In Plan

The OPPO F3 series is also available in the All-In Plans. The Plan 500 requires a cash-out and comes in 24 to 30 months plan. Smart’s All-In Plan is best for people who wants to customize the number of calls, text, and data services that they need.

OPPO F3 Smart Postpaid Plans
OPPO F3 Smart Postpaid Plans

The OPPO F3 is a 5.5 inch smartphone that comes with dual selfie cameras for wider selfies and added bokeh effect, which matches its 16MP dual-frat camera with beautification 4.0 software. This smartphone comes with a powerful octa-core processor and 4GB RAM making it great for multitasking. All of these features packed in an ultra-thin body and 3,200mAH battery that will last all-day.

OPPO F3 and F3 Plus Smart Postpaid Plans
OPPO F3 and F3 Plus Smart Postpaid Plans

OPPO Philippines’ Brand Marketing Manager, Stephen Cheng said, “Our latest OPPO F3 and F3 Plus in Smart’s postpaid plans is a great way to expand our offerings to our customers. This gives consumers better option for their smartphone lifestyle in the budget and plan they want.”

To get more details about the OPPO F3 and F3 Plus Smart Postpaid Plans, visit http://bit.ly/SmartOPPOF3 and http://bit.ly/SmartOPPOF3Plus or log on to http://smart.com.ph/Postpaid/phones/details/oppo-f3.

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