Travel Gadget: Oppo F3, a Perfect Companion to Your Backpacking Trip

Oppo F3 Review image via Youtube

Oppo F3, a Perfect Companion to Your Backpacking Trip [A REVIEW]

The Oppo F3 may be overshadowed by its Plus version but it actually packs a lot of heat as well. Made by the famed Chinese electronics company, the F3 is one of the closest thing the manufacturer has to an iPhone competitor. This article, however, is going to focus on the benefits this phone brings to travelers.

Oppo F3 Reviews
Oppo F3 Reviews

Hardware is optimized for great performance

The Oppo F3 is perfectly sized at 163.6 x 80.8 x 7.4 mm and it weights 185 g. But even in that small size, it is packed with hardware that gives it great performance that will make your travel more enjoyable. It is equipped with a combination of 4 GB RAM and a 1.95 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor. It has a 6-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.

App-friendly interface and software environment

For those who are looking for a phone with huge internal storage space, the Oppo F3 may be an ideal choice. It has a 64 GB of internal storage, which means this smartphone will have enough digital capacity to accommodate a few apps, games and multimedia files. Even this storage can be expanded to as much as 256 GB using a micro SD card. The Oppo F3 already comes loaded with the basic apps in the Android operating system including ones from Google like Google Play, Gmail and Google Calendar. Those who bought an Oppo F3 can also benefit from the pre-installed WPS Office suite, enabling anyone to still finish important documents while on the road.

Multi-functional camera capabilities

One of the biggest advantages the Oppo F3 brings to travelers are its very travel-friendly cameras. What makes the cameras of the Oppo F3 unique is the fact that its front shooter is the clearer one, aimed at ensuring that your selfies while traveling are of high-quality (hence the fact that the phone belongs to the Selfie Expert series of the manufacturer). It has a 1/3 inch sensor and f/20 aperture. On other hand, the rear snapper is not far behind in quality with a 120-degree angles that can be used to take photos of the afternoon horizon. All this is packed with the usual camera features like double exposure, color filters and GIF animation creation.

Improved security features

Do not think that the pattern lock feature of most Android phones is no longer enough? The Oppo F3 is one of the leaders in the smartphone industry to have an integrated fingerprint scanner. The phone will only be unlocked if the fingerprint that touched the scanner matches what is in the phone’s database.

Oppo F3 Reviews in the Philippines
Oppo F3 Reviews in the Philippines

Longer battery life

The Oppo F3 has a 4000 mAh battery. For the non-techie people, this may not matter much. But it actually means that the battery is so powerful that it can last an entire work day without being plugged in for charging. Even more impressive is the fact that the quick charging capabilities of the Oppo F3 has made it possible for it be full with just two hours of charging. Indeed perfect for traveling, isn’t it?

More adaptable connectivity suites

If the traveler would like to be able to enjoy social media while traveling or if they plan on updating their Instagram feed while on the road, it is essential to have easy access to Internet. Thankfully, the Oppo F3 has lots of connectivity options. Not only is it able to connect to 3G and 4G data, it also has Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. If the owner wants mobile data instead, there are also two nano SIM slots in the phone.

Oppo F3 Review image via Youtube
Oppo F3 Review image via Youtube

Finally, the Oppo F3 is a lightweight smartphone device that is made primarily with travelers in mind, with its battery performance and camera features optimized for use in treks away from the city for hours. At any rate, the F3 is a good investment if you love to travel. With its nifty features, there is no doubt it is among the most well-loved smartphones today. Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments section below.

The OPPO F3 sells for Php16,990 in the Philippines.

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