Travel Gadgets: Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Unless you’re an absolute Apple die-hard, you’re probably happy to consider tablet alternatives that take tablet technology further. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet has captured a lot of attention for it’s clever commercials and the fact that Lenovo has named their tablet after a centuries old practice. Despite the odd pairing of a physical practice with a tech gadget, there are some clear benefits to opting for this tablet if you’re in the market. Of course my top reason is it’s flexibility (yoga applicability, right here) and handiness for travel.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet
Lenovo Yoga Tablet

What Makes it Travel Friendly?

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet is travel friendly for a few reasons. First, it’s size is nice. It’s bigger than a smartphone, but still on the small side relative to other tablets on the market. Not as small as an iPad mini, either, which is on the verge of too small for a tablet. At 261 x 180mm, and weighing just 600g, it’s pretty handy.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Stand Mode
Lenovo Yoga Tablet Stand Mode

The kickstand is also extremely useful. When you’re on the go and want to use the Yoga Tablet, you never know where you’ll be setting it up. It can be at anywhere from 30-80 degrees using the kickstand – really nice.

Use Lenovo Yoga Tablet while having Yoga Sessions?
Use Lenovo Yoga Tablet while having Yoga Sessions? Why not?

With the Yoga Tablet 10’s epic battery life, you can watch videos longer (up to 12.2 hours) during your long road trips. And while you are inside your hotel or favorite coffee shop, Stand and Tilt modes allow you to stream TV, watch movies or browse YouTube clips at a comfortable angle.

Add the microSD card, microSIM on the 3G version, and a micro USB port, it’s got what you need when you’re on the go. It has a nice battery life, too, and an okay camera. I like the fact that it has a microSIM slot, I can use browse the internet faster by just inserting a SMART Bro microSIM and I can use it as a WIFI hotspot too…

Using Lenovo Yoga Tablet inside My Hotel Room
Using Lenovo Yoga Tablet inside My Hotel Room


While the kickstand option is excellent, it’s not as easy to use as I’d like it to be. It feels like Lenovo made a trade off by choosing sturdiness over ease-of-use, and I’m glad they went with sturdiness. It’s not perfect but Im pretty sure they will release another version soon and will consider customers feedback.

SMART Bro Dashboard

After inserting my Smart Bro microSIM, I was surprised that SMART now has a very helpful dashboard that tells you your SMART Bro number, your prepaid balance, current package registered to and more.

SmartBro Dashboard showing your number and prepaid balance
SmartBro Dashboard showing your number and prepaid balance

Aside from getting real time load balance access at all times, and you can quickly subscribe using the Smart Bro Dashboard. Everything is right there, from account details to easy text message sending, Twitter and Facebook access, and has automatic shut-off or “Load Protect” so you always know when you hit a zero balance or your promo subscription is up.

SMART Bro Dashboard home page
SMART Bro Dashboard home page

I tried subscribing for Unlisurf 50 using the Smart Bro Dashboard and after a day I was notified that my subscription already ended and YES it did not consume my remaining prepaid load Yay! Thanks to the new Load Protect feature:)

All in all, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is a win for me – travel friendly, 18 hours of battery life, intuitive design, and access to great technology and with the new SMART Bro Dashboard? I’ll be completely happy with this gadget:)

Written by Melo Villareal

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