Blue Palawan Beach Club in Puerto Princesa: A New Resort in The “World’s Best Island”

Bahay Kubo Inspired Beachfront Resort in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Room closest to the beach

Blue Palawan Beach Club: Bahay Kubo Inspired Resort in Puerto Princesa City

I was in Puerto Princesa City last week for the signing of the MOU between Palawan and AirAsia for their Worlds Best Island Campaign.

View from the resort's entrance
View from the resort’s entrance

Upon arriving in Puerto Princesa, we proceeded to the Ka Luis Restaurant for lunch. Afterwards, we headed for our respective resorts. At first, I thought everyone would be staying at Microtel Puerto Princesa, but I was glad when I learned that I would be staying at the Blue Palawan Beach Club (hotel info).

Blue Palawan Beach Club in Puerto Princesa
Blue Palawan Beach Club in Puerto Princesa

It is not that I did not want to stay at Microtel, but I had already experienced staying there before. Being the adventurous person I am, I love to take the opportunity to stay in as many hotels as I can for each and every trip I make.

Blue Palawan Poolside
Blue Palawan Poolside

I have been to Puerto Princesa numerous times, but this is the first time I have heard about a resort named Blue Palawan. My assumption that it was a new resort was strengthened by the fact that even the local driver was not familiar with it. In fact, he dropped us off at the Blue Lagoon Inn & Suites, and the staff was clueless about our reservation!

Blue Palawan Beach Front
Blue Palawan Beach Front

With the assistance of the helpful staff at Blue Lagoon Inn & Suites, we found the right place and we finally reached Blue Palawan Beach Club (discounted rates).

At Blue Palawan Beach Resort, Blue Hour means "Party Time"
At Blue Palawan Beach Resort, Blue Hour means “Party Time”

My Blue Palawan Beach Club Experience in The “World’s Best Island”

The place is located at the very end of BM road, which is also known as Hidden Beach. Upon arriving at the resort, you could tell at once that the resort was really new as other parts of the resort were still under construction.

Filipino Architecture, World-class Comfort
Filipino Architecture, World-class Comfort

Walking past the entrance paved with wooden planks and powdery white sand, I started to feel the excitement as I reached the reception area. “I’m so glad I was assigned to stay at this resort,” I told myself as I surveyed the infinity pool located right next to the beach with delight.

Choose your Beach Hut
Choose your Beach Hut

After getting my room key, I roamed all around the resort taking photos. I love the resort’s design, from the bamboo ceiling and wooden tables at the bar to the simple yet amazing Bahay Kubo inspired rooms. I wished we had more time to stay and experience the resort. Sadly, we could only stay one night, as we had to be in El Nido the next day.

Few meters from the Pool side
Few meters from the Poolside

While going around the resort, I happened upon one of the owners of the resort, Jorge Mitra. He told me that the resort had been opened just a couple of weeks ago, and they are still executing some finishing touches. However, he and his partners were as excited to show the place to new guests as we were to be there. He refers to it as home.

True Blue Pinoy Architechture
True Blue Pinoy Architecture

When we bought this property, I told my partners that I want to build my dreams here,” “My dream which later on became our collective dream of providing a simple bahay-kubo inspired resort that will provide modern comfort to our future guests.”

Jorge Mitra Resort Owner

The Rooms

There were more than 20 bahay-kubo inspired rooms in the resort, complete with a thatched roof and bamboo covered walls.

My billet was a wonderful ocean-view villa with a beautiful veranda. The sound of the waves and the breeze from the ocean were truly relaxing. The design of the room was simple yet inviting, and it was so pleasing to the eyes. The thatched roofs and blue skies were in perfect harmony that day.

Each room at Blue Palawan Beach Club (amenities) had either a king-sized bed or twin beds, and it was comfortably spacious. Rooms were fully air-conditioned and currently being offered at PhP 3,800, which was the resort opening promo rate.

However, what impressed me more were the huge bathrooms. Each unit had two individual hot and cold showers and complete with premier toiletries.

Spacious Room at Blue Palawan Beach Club
Spacious Room at Blue Palawan Beach Club
Beach Hut with a King Size Bed photo from Blue Palawan FB
Beach Hut with a King Size Bed photo from Blue Palawan FB
Room closest to the beach
Room closest to the beach

Nightlife at Blue Palawan

After dinner outside with the rest of the team sponsored by the Palawan Tourism Council and the provincial government of Palawan, we headed back to the resort. Upon arrival, we were invited to join other guests in the pool area for a social gathering.

The Party is here, Try the Palaweno Brew, the best beer in the Island
The Party is here, Try the Palaweno Brew, the best beer in the Island

I met quite a few people. Aside from Jorge and Christian of Blue Palawan Beach Club and Monica Mitra of Splash House, I met Ayah Javier of Palawano Brewery. I also shook hands with International Kiteboarder and Roxy Girl Paula Rosales, Canada-based SEO specialists Samantha Hart and Derrick Paatan, as well as other random but equally friendly guests.

How about this view while having an early morning coffee?
How about this view while having an early morning coffee?

Unfortunately, I had to leave the group just as the evening was becoming lively. I had to finish some tasks and get some sleep in preparation for our early morning trip to El Nido.

A couple of things to share:

  • They have the friendliest staff… I want to bring them home haha!
  • They have the fastest FREE WiFi I’ve ever experience at a resort
  • Their password is the funniest of all “ILoveMySexyBody” haha

It is interesting to note that Blue Palawan Beach Club is one of only three establishments on the island that serves Palaweno Beer. This is the famous handcrafted beer from the “World’s Best Island” that just gives me one more reason to go back to Puerto Princesa… and Blue Palawan Resort in particular!

Blue Palawan Beach Club – Puerto Princesa (online reservation)
Address: Hidden Beach, B.M. Rd, Puerto Princesa, Palawan 5300
Mobile Number: +639178314118

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Awesome Place to Stay

Blue Palawan Beach Club Review

I love its quiet location and the sound of the splashing water at night. The food is above average and their staff is the friendliest. I can't wait to go back to this little paradise!

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