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Top Places to Unwind in Metro Manila

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Here Are the Top Places to Unwind in Metro Manila

Taking some time off from your busy days is necessary even just once in a while. With a wide array of reasons why you feel stressed by the end of your week, of course, you deserve some quality time with the family and friends, even a “one-time.”

Calesa Ride in Intramuros
Calesa Ride in Intramuros

If you have been deprived with time and money, there’s always a way to unwind without leaving the Metro. Below are some suggestions of places that you can consider.

Intramuros, Manila

This place used to be the base of the Spaniards way back the days when Philippines was being colonized by other countries. It was a large base where old hospitals, churches, and several military infrastructures were built, and up to these days, the remains of these establishments can still be seen.

The place is rich in history and you could have a nostalgic experience while strolling down the big stoned tunnels and the famous “Walls of Intramuros.”

Intramuros Manila
Intramuros Manila

You can enjoy a relaxing trail breathing the fresh air maintained because of the trees planted all over the area, and also with the help of the golf course located outside the walls. There are several functions and restaurants that you could also check out, and they’re quite cheap.

Alongside the famous universities behind the walls, there are plenty of food stalls designed for students who have small budget. You could also visit the Butterfly Garden if you feel like getting in touch with the nature.

Manila Cathedral is also a famous spot, which is usually the last stop of the trip if you would opt to ride a “kalesa” for a more relaxing tour.

Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset
Manila Bay Sunset

This location has been popular for a number of affordable restaurants located near the area. There are also other attractions you can visit like the Manila Ocean Park where animal shows are being held. If you feel like getting some rides, you can visit Star City which is an indoor theme park. For toy enthusiasts, the Yexel’s Toy Museum is inside the Manila Ocean Park where you can stay as long as you want and take photos with life sized action figures.

La Fuerza de Santiago aka Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago

Also known as Fort Santiago, this place is also located at the walled city of Intramuros in Manila. It is the place where Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution. There is actually a shrine built as the doctor’s tribute which had been one of the favorite places for weddings. Local government has effectively maintained the place which is now a perfect spot for scenic walks and picnics. If you wish to go there and refuse to walk around Intramuros, you can go directly to Sta. Clara St., along Pasig River.

La Mesa Ecopark

Located at North Fairview, La Mesa Ecopark is one of the most protected places of the local government of Quezon City. Not only because the La Mesa dam is located here, but also because a huge park where numerous activities can be enjoyed can also be found here. Mountain climbing, orchid show, picnics, and swimming are just a few of the much-loved activities here to unwind your tired limbs. You can also find a few restaurants here offering tasty and affordable meals. It also a nice idea to bring with you your camp tent when going there.

La Mesa Ecopark photo from
La Mesa Ecopark photo from

Unwinding does not have to take place in an expensive resort. While activities in the places above require energy because of the long walks, they are the best and safest places where you can enjoy having your own time while thinking of things that you might have overlooked because of your busy schedule.

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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