Clever Gadgets Any Traveler Needs in the Summer
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Top 5 Clever Gadgets Any Traveler Needs in the Summer

Five Clever Gadgets Any Traveler Needs in the Summer

Deciding on what to pack and what to leave out is one of the major hassles for most travelers, whether you’re gone for a few months or a short weekend trip. And there is nothing worse than getting lost in a place you don’t know or losing your possessions. Before you leave, make sure that you prepared everything you might need in order to stay safe on your journey. This is why we’re bringing you 5 clever gadgets that you NEED to pack this summer.

Clever Gadgets Any Traveler Needs in the Summer
Clever Gadgets Any Traveler Needs in the Summer

1. LED Headlights

It can happen that you find yourself in the dark and what you will need the most is the LED headlight, especially if you’re planning to go on a hiking trip or visit a place that has beautiful sights you don’t want to miss, like caves.

Black Diamond Spot Headlight
Black Diamond Spot Headlight

Even though you think that having a regular flashlight with you is enough, LED headlights to cover more area, last longer and make your viewing site more visible. Just imagine yourself standing somewhere in the dark and you reach out for your flashlights, turning it on, “yes, light!”, making your way out of the dark place and then of a sudden, your flashlight dies because your batteries emptied. What happens then? You stay in the dark, that’s what. Or tap somehow your way out of there (chances are rather small that you’ll succeed). With LED headlight you’ll have more hours to spend on getting yourself out of the dark place.

If you’ve ever seen one of those popular “survival” tv shows and documentaries you’ll notice that everyone’s using LED lights. Even though LED headlight costs a bit more it has its perks – feeling comfortable and safe in a foreign country is priceless, right? At the end, it’s totally up to you to choose best LED headlights for you.

2. Sneaky Hiding Spot

Even though it’s not a gadget, travelers are crazy for the footwear that has some secret compartments where they can conceal their keys, credit cards, and money.

Money belts are also very popular thing if you’re a belt person. It looks just like a normal belt and no one would ever know that you’re hiding something in there.

The Beach Vault
The Beach Vault

If you’re a woman then money bra as a sneaky hiding spot should be your number one choice. The most popular is the Bra Stash personal security wallet that can be found on Amazon. It can be easily attached to your regular bra with snap closures. Those who tried it say that it’s comfortable, just make sure that you’re not wearing see-through shirts.

What’s been popular for years is The Beach Vault, a 6 inch wide and 12-inch deep container that will completely conceal your belongings on the beach. It can be bought on Amazon in a price range from $50 to $100.

3. Smartphone with travel apps

Smartphone with travel apps
Smartphone with travel apps

Your smartphone is probably the handiest travel assistant you can possibly have. With all the travel apps you might need your communication and travel this summer will be much easier. Whether you keep track of your travel plans and places you have visited or simply find your way back to the hotel, you’ll find an app for everything you can possibly need. Here’s a list of the best travel apps that you will actually use:

– Citymapper

More detailed travel planner than Google where you’ll find all the info you need with just a click. It’s easy to use and comprehensive.

– XE Currency

For those who are traveling to a foreign country, you’ll need currency conversions app and there’s no better and more detailed app than this one.

– Tripit

Tripit is a pocket travel agent where you can store all the info about your trip, from confirmation emails for all the bookings and flights.

4. Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth Trackers are very useful small gadgets that you put on the important things, like your bag or your wallet and with the help of the app, you can keep track of those items on your phone. After doing some research, reviewers consider Tile-Mate the best Bluetooth tracker with the best range and its alarm is much louder than on the other popular trackers.

Tile Bluetooth Trackers
Tile Bluetooth Trackers

What is great about this gadget is that, if you’re traveling with your kids, you can use slip this tracker in their pocket or secret shoe pocket, so that you keep them out of trouble or find them if they’re lost.

5. Beverage Safeguard

Check Your Drink‘ is the coolest and most useful gadget that you can bring with you if you’re planning on a trip to attend summer festivals, cities for its nightlife, clubs, etc.

Check your Drink strips
Check your Drink strips

You’ll simply need a purifying water bottle that extracts bacteria and pollutants with the help of filtration. These ‘Check Your Drink’ detection strips will show you if someone popped drugs into your drink. It doesn’t contain any chemicals that might leave a nasty bitter taste in your mouth and all you need to do is to dip your finger into your drink, place one drop of your drink on the strip and see if the color changes. If it does, then order a new one, if it doesn’t, then you’re good to go.


Traveling should be enlightening, fun and exciting, so make sure your summer trip’s memories are only the good ones and for that, you’ll need to prepare yourself for whatever you might encounter on your adventure. Stay safe and have a nice trip!

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