Three Perfect Dining Experiences in Greece

The Greek cuisine is the perfect example of the Mediterranean cuisine. With a hearty staple of grains, vegetables, freshly-caught fish, cheese, and others, every foodie in the world should try the best Greek restaurants out there. In this article, we’ll run down the best places to eat when you’re in Greece.

Platanos photo courtesy of Platanos Plaka FB
Platanos photo courtesy of Platanos Plaka FB


Platanos is one of the most famous restaurants in Athens, being one of the oldest as well. Platanos is noted for their long and interesting history when it comes to food and celebrities who have dined here. Established in 1932, Platanos has served delicious food for countless artists, poets, Athenians, writers, and many more. Diners are treated with a good ambiance created by an old plane tree situated at a very homey and quiet pedestrian street. Visitors coming to Athens ensure that they stop by this restaurant to have a sip of their retsina wine and find pleasure on dishes starring stuffed tomatoes, farmers’ cheese, spicy meatballs, and many other popular Greek dishes.

Oikeio photo courtesy of Oikeio FB Page
Oikeio photo courtesy of Oikeio FB Page


Oikeio, which is read as Ikio, is a very famous food spot located at Kolonaki. The place very heavily-visited, you’ll need to book beforehand to guarantee you a seat. This place is awarded by the Michelin Guide with the Bib Gourmand prize. The place is also one of the recommended restaurants by the Greek Tourist Organization. The menu at this place is based on organic olive oil and locally-sourced products.

Fresh Greek Garden salad with olive oil
Fresh Greek Garden salad with olive oil Dining Experiences in Greece

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Athinaikon first opened in 1932 and moved to the Themistokleous, a pedestrian street in 1985. A branch is also located at the Mitropoleos street. Popular dishes from Athinaikon are seafood, fresh fish, meat entrees and courses, as well as an array of delicious desserts. The mood is very traditional and archaic, with heavy use of verses written on walls and artifacts which you can view under the glass.

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