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Top 15 Best Things to Do in Changwon, South Korea

Changwon Tourist Attractions, Best Activities to do, and Places to Visit in Changwon

Jinhae Gunhangje Festival photo via

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Changwon, South Korea

In the southeast of South Korea lies the captivating city of Changwon. If you’ve been to SoKor’s other cities, you will easily notice how Changwon stands out. Its coastal location causes a pleasantly mild temperature during the winter and a delightfully warm spring, summer, and fall–something you’d be hard-pressed finding elsewhere. Modeled after Australia’s capital city, Canberra, you can expect a line of soaring buildings and a lot of well-structured modernized areas.

Best Things to Do in Changwon
Best Things to Do in Changwon

Changwon is certainly a highly touristy city that showcases the calmness of nature and modern life at the same time. If you’re not sure of what awaits you in Changwon, we have a stellar list for you.

Buy snacks and treats at LOTTE Mart Changwon Central Store

The Lotte Mart brand is one of the most popular in South Korea. This makes them one of the go-to shopping places when in Changwon. If you’re planning on buying lots of sweet treats and other perishable goods, LOTTE Mart is the best pick!

When it comes to sweet treats, Pepero is more than just a favorite among South Koreans. If you’re in SoKor on November 11, you’re in perfect time to witness Pepero Day. This is celebrated annually through the exchanges of Pepero snacks among friends and loved ones. This is a perfect day to ask your crush out on a date or to confess and express your feelings.

Apart from Pepero, Montschel and Market O brownies are also well-bought by locals. If you’re a lover of anything salty, you’ll love Sun Chip, Dodohan Nacho, and Ppsae. These go well with soju and beer too!

Lounge at chic coffee shops

Gong Yoo for Kanu coffee
Gong Yoo for Kanu coffee

South Koreans love their coffee! If you are fond of watching Korean dramas, you will see a lot of scenes showcasing different dainty cafes. If you’d love to bring some coffee from Korea back home, instant coffees are great options. Kanu coffee is a popular brand because of its premium taste as endorsed by the Train to Busan star, Gong Yoo.

Get on a shopping spree

South Koreans are famous around the world for their sense of fashion. If you want to sport their sense of style, there are many local boutiques to visit. You can try different trends such as wearing an all-white ensemble, classy couture, cargo pants, chunky sneakers, oversized tops, and certain statement pieces. Many of these trends will look good on anyone. If you roam the streets of Changwon while dressed up, you’re guaranteed to get idyllic photos!

Walk on a cherry-blossom-filled path

Train and cherry blossom tree in Gyeonghwa station by Heloise Appourchaux via Flickr CC
Train and cherry blossom tree in Gyeonghwa station by Heloise Appourchaux via Flickr CC

During April, pretty faint pink flowers bloom to grace the pathways of the Jinhae district. If you want the prettiest of views, you can walk on an arched bridge just above the Yeojwacheon Stream with cherry blossoms all around you. In 2002, the love story between the lead characters of the Korean drama series “Romance” started at this bridge.

Who knows, your love story can very well start here too! By night time, the Yeojwacheon Starlight Festival takes place, lighting up the sky with a fireworks display.

Have fun at Jinhae Gunhangje Festival

Jinhae Gunhangje Festival photo via
Jinhae Gunhangje Festival photo via

This festival is the biggest spring celebration in South Korea, usually held between March and April. During this event, the successes of South Korea’s longest-ruling Confucian dynasty are commemorated. Today, Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is celebrated with many enjoyable events such as the air show by the Republic of Korea Air Force.

During this acrobatic display, eight aircraft grace the sky with their choreographed and synchronized movement showcasing talent and skilled navigation. There are many more events to enjoy, guaranteeing a fun-filled and culturally educational experience.

Keep warm at the Mageumsan Hot Spring

On a chilly day, a dip at this 55°C hot spring will give you comfort, relaxation, and bliss. It contains around twenty minerals and is alkaline-enriched, making it a healthful experience. Hot springs are known to ease tensed muscles, enhance blood flow regulation, and improve one’s mood. You can enjoy all of these benefits while having a great time in Changwon!

Experience street food in South Korea

SoKor’s Masan Burim Market in Changwon is flocked by tourists for a taste of local street food. If you love noodles, japchae, bibimnaengmyeon, and more, they offer these tasty dishes at an affordable price. The sweet yet spicy Tteokbokki is the most famous Korean street food.

Korean Streeet Food
Korean Street Food

Along with this, you should get your hands-on fishcake, tornado potato, stewed pork feet, kimchi-ppang, and kimbap of course. If you’re a little more adventurous, you’ll find peculiar options here too. Blood sausage is a dish that comprises of cow or pig intestines stuffed with pig’s blood. It comes with noodles too. Live octopus is another must-try Korean delicacy. These are served fresh, chewy, and crunchy, with some sesame chili oil for more intense flavoring.

You will also love the sweet treats from this marketplace. Don’t leave without getting a mouthful of banana milk, donuts, and some sakura or black sesame soft serve. Have you seen an apple-sized watermelon? You can also bring home apple melons from this marketplace.

Visit an art village

Changdong Art Village photo via
Changdong Art Village photo via

Changdong Art Village is one of the most beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods you’ll see. It has three main alleys–Moonshin Art Alley, Masan Mountain Trail Art Alley, and Ecole de Chang-dong Alley. Each alley has fun programs awaiting you. If you’re wondering, the artistry in this village was encouraged by the government to showcase the most glorious period of this city. Make sure you spend enough time in all three villages because they exude inspiring creativity and fascinating art.

Spend time at the Goodday Museum

Goodday Museum photo via
Goodday Museum photo via

Address: 22, Bongamgongdan 2-gil, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

If you fancy a trip to a liquor and wine museum, the Gooddday museum is the largest in Korea. Here, you’ll learn about local and international wine culture and its history. They have around 3,000 alcoholic beverages on display. If you’re up for soju tasting, they also have a designated area set up for this.

Drink as a local would

Koreans love to dine while drinking. There are many complimentary seafood dishes and side dishes to choose from. If you want no less than the traditional and local drinking experience, Masan dong-dong Tongsul Alley is your best pick in Changwon.

Bottle of Soju
Bottle of Soju

They have around 14-barrel liquor houses and they all serve fresh and tasty side dishes. You have a variety of liquor choices in SoKor. Makgeolli is one of the most popular options, being a traditional rice wine. Soju is another famous pick. A quite controversial one is called ttongsul wine.

Traditionally, this wine was used to cure everything, from mild cuts, to broken bones, and more serious cases like epilepsy. What makes this even more controversial is the claims that it contains alcohol and the fermented feces of a human child. If you want to know the truth behind this, your curiosity is another reason to visit Masan dong-dong Tongsul Alley and the Goodday Museum.

Stroll around a man-made lake

Yongji Lake is a famous feat of Changwon. Apart from being a man-made lake, this tourist attraction is famous for orchestrating water shows every night from March through November.

You can also expect a lot of captivating music every Spring and Fall. During this time, people make music while having a drink of wine. Feel free to sing along when you know the song, the crowd will appreciate it.

Walk in South Korea’s traditional wedding outfit

The last dynasty in South Korea ran for centuries, making it a great influence on South Korea’s customs and traditions. A glimpse of the then lifestyle can be experienced through the House of Changwon, which a family of tourists can enjoy. Apart from letting you experience a snippet of their tradition, you will also be allowed to wear traditional wedding outfits which is a truly unique experience. Make sure you visit all the 14 buildings that make up the House of Changwon for the ultimate experience.

Learn about Korea’s history

South Korea’s popularity around the globe is groundbreaking. Its drama series, including ones that depict the ancient times in South Korea, are well-received by many nations. This shows how interesting their culture is and how idyllic their storytelling is.

Apart from watching a glimpse of their history, you can also visit the Naval Academy Museum in Changwon. Prepare to be mesmerized as you grow more admiration towards this interesting country.

Enjoy a stunning view from the Anmingogae Hill

View from Anmingogae Hill
View from Anmingogae Hill

This 9-kilometer hill at Changwon is a must-visit for a couple of reasons. Firstly, going through the hill allows you to pass through a tunnel of Cherry Blossom trees.

Secondly, you can see a wide landscape of Changwon, including Jinhaeman Bay, Ungsan Mountain, and the peaks of Sirubong and Cheonjabong. You will surely enjoy the journey as much as the destination on a trip to this sought-after tourist attraction.

Take a trip to Jinhae Inland Water Eco Park

Jinhae NFRDI Environment Eco-Park photo via
Jinhae NFRDI Environment Eco-Park photo via

Address: 65, Yeomyeong-ro 71beon-gil, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

This environmentally friendly park is home to an abundant number of flowers, at least 65 species of trees, and 40 species of different creatures. If you have children with you, this experience offers learning and enjoyment. You can help kids feed goldfish by the dock or observe a ton of tadpoles from a distance. If you don’t have children with you, you can easily jog or hike on a designated tranquil path or spend some quiet time at a nearby cafe.

Changwon Travel and Tour Packages

To help you plan out your visit to Changwon, we listed places to visit and things to do for your itinerary. We also listed some of the best Changwon travel and tour packages, as well as excellent flight deals and accommodation.

Tripadvisor has a list of the best Changwon vacation packages. You may check out Airbnbs listings in Changwon for cheap but high-quality accommodation.

Searching for the best Changwon hotels, resorts, and affordable flights in the nearby Cities? Check out our list of affordable Changwon hotels and resorts via Agoda, or you may also see available Airbnb properties in the city.

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