Safdarjung - Best Things to do in Delhi
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Top 15 Best Things to do in Delhi

Top Tourist Spots in Delhi, India

Bucket List: Top 15 Tourist Spots and Best Things to do in New Delhi, India

If you have decided to travel to the Capital of India, you should be ready for many tourist attractions here. It hosts three UNESCO World Heritage sites making it a unique city in this part of Asia.

Safdarjung - Best Things to do in Delhi
Safdarjung – Best Things to do in Delhi

It is also one of the most populated Cities in the World. I have traveled to Delhi a couple of times, and every time I go, it’s a different experience altogether.  Here are my 15 best things to do in Delhi.

Visit Chandni Chowk

Food shop on Khari Baoli Road by Bahnfrend via Wikipedia CC
Food shop on Khari Baoli Road By Bahnfrend – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

This is not only the reliable commercial heart of Delhi but also one of the oldest ones remaining. It is busy throughout the day and week and has every product you can imagine. The only way to avoid the huge traffic of people would be to cycle around it on the popular rickshaw. Your driver will guide you happily to the best places to eat and visit.

Visit Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar

The Minar was named a UNESCO World Heritage site and deserves it. The structure is 240 feet tall and has survived 10 centuries. It is five stories with a spiral staircase made from ancient materials that have stood the test of time. It has been over 4 decades since the tower is closed to the public to protect it.

Meditate at the Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple in Delhi is the Bahai’s House of Worship, notable for its flowerlike structure. It is adored by thousands of worshippers, but the colorfulness makes it unique to the whole world. This temple offers a nice place to ponder, reflect, and meditate. This temple is one of the most visited temples in India.

Visit Red Fort

Red Fort
Red Fort

The Red Fort marks the end of the Mughal Empire and the British era hence significant to the nation. You will be amazed at the ceremony and magnificence if you are lucky to catch the Republic Day celebrations.

Visit India Gate

India Gate
India Gate

The India gate was dedicated to the soldiers of British India who lost their lives in wars fought between 1914 and 1919. The Indian gate is located at the eastern end of the Rajpath. It is lit up in the evenings to reveal its splendor.

Take a tour of the Akshardham Temple.

This is not a mere place of worship for the Hindu faithful. It is arguably the largest Hindu temple in India and the whole world. However, its unique architectural design and massive decorations earn it a reputation and attraction. It is a magnificent and unique structure, which provides tourists with a wide range of fun activities, from boat rides to walks in the lush gardens, and water shows. It is situated in the East of the city, which is free from the crowds of the city center and a place to relax. However, you may not find time alone because there are always tourists around the temple worldwide. Beware that you cannot take any photographs here, as it is considered a sacred place and disrespectful to the gods to do it.

Pay Homage at Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat Memorial via Wikipedia CC
Raj Ghat Memorial By Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada from Mumbai, India – Raj Ghat, Delhi – India, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, you must visit the Raj Ghat. Here there are beautiful gardens and a lasting flame burning on one end of the perpetual homage. There are also plaques with the memorials of other famous leaders as well.

Visit Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar via Wikipedia CC
Jantar Mantar CC BY-SA 3.0,

You can enjoy getting lost at the Jantar Mantar in central Delhi. It has an old air observatory with the instruments intact. The walls were designed for astronomic cycles. The most exciting part is the maze, where you will easily get lost.

Take a tour of Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayuns Tomb
Humayuns Tomb

This is a UNESCO Heritage site highly valued by the Indian government. For over four 4 centuries now, the monument has stood the test of time. It houses the tomb of the popular ancient emperor Humayun during the Persian Empire period. There is a small museum located near the entrance to showcase the history and more information about it.

Eat Street Food

Delhi Street Food New
Delhi Street Food New
Delhi Street Food
Delhi Street Food

Indians are known to have the widest variety of foods.  Their cuisines are filled with countless spices meaning you have a chance to taste the widest varieties of flavors you may never access again in your life. The street food is also affordable, even if you are on a budget.  Some of the popular street foods are aloo Tikki, chole kulche, pav bhajji, dabeli, momos, and idli sambhar, to name a few.

Shop at Connaught Palace

Connaught Palace by Vladislav Bezrukov via Wikipedia CC
Connaught Palace By Vladislav Bezrukov -/, CC BY 2.0

If you love shopping Connaught Palace is the right place for you. In addition to shopping, if you want to stay out to enjoy the nightlife, try its vibrant resto-bars, and live music.

Experience Dilli Haat

For an open-air food experience in the heart of the city, visit the Dilli Haat. Here, you will have all you ever hoped to taste in Indian cuisine.

Take a Ho Ho City Bus Tour

The hop-on-hop-off bus lets you get the most out of a city in a few hours.

Stroll around Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan by Ronakshah1990 via Wikipedia CC
Rashtrapati Bhavan by Ronakshah1990 via Wikipedia CC

This is the official residence of India’s president and the staff, including bodyguards and utility staff. It is open to the public as well. The palatial structure has around 400 rooms. It is one of the most massive presidential residences in the world.

Visit Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid is one of the largest mosques in India. It is built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.  It is almost 4 centuries old and an icon in the backdrop of the city. This sacred structure can hold up to 25,000 in its courtyard.

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Authors Bio: Rituraj Bhuyan is an entrepreneur and the travel blogger behind Travel Guruji. He has spent several years in North America and South-East Asia. He is passionate about travel and lifestyle.

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