Start Summer With a Bang! Cultural Events, Festivals and Events For the Month of April

The month of April is full of historical events and festivals. [Image Credit: Yuneoh]

Festivals and Events For the Month of April

The Philippines is hands down a beautiful country with various spirited and colorful festivals. Due to our fun-loving, creativity, artistry, and passion for music, the country produced some of the world’s most vibrant and grandest festivals. Parades, full of life, radiant smiles, colorful costumes, and religious processions, the festivals in the Philippines is truly a sight to behold.

April is the start of the summer season in the country. It is also considered as a peak season for many summer destinations. Not only that, this month also has must-see festivals and concerts in places where you can join the crowd and have a lot of fun.

Bangus Festival

[Image Credit: Joshua Mendoza Productions / Youtube]
[Image Credit: Joshua Mendoza Productions / Youtube]
The country’s national fish, milkfish or bangus, is not surprising to have its own festival. The Bangus Festival is held every year in Dagupan City. It promotes the city as the bangus capital of the country. The festival involves a two-week socio-economic program of activities highlighting bangus. A grand parade is a part of the celebration where participants wear different bangus costumes, cheering, and dancing with the crowd.

Location: Dagupan City
Date: April 6 (Tuesday) to April 30 (Friday)

Pak’Kaat Kal’lo

[Image Credit: Philippine Info]
[Image Credit: Philippine Info]
Celebrated during the Lenten Season, Pak’Kaat Kal’lo is the annual festival that celebrates the bountiful harvest of Manobo Tribes. The word Manobo means person or people and it’s believed to originate from the word Mansuba which means man and river.

Location: Manobo, Magpet, Cotabato
Date: April 5 (Thursday) to April 6 (Friday)

Araw ng Kagitingan

[Image Credit: Alive, The Journey!]
[Image Credit: Alive, The Journey!]
Celebrated in the Province of Bataan, the Araw ng Kagitingan promotes, preserves, and memorializes the principles, heroism, and ideals of our Filipino War Veterans with an annual commemoration of the Day of valor. Local activities include Exhibition of Military Bands, Parangal sa mga Beterano, Trade Fair, Sports Competition, and the colorful Parade of Floats

Location: Balanga, Bataan
Date: April 6 (Friday) to April 9 (Monday)

Moriones Festival

[Image Credit: Whats Happening PH]
[Image Credit: Whats Happening PH]
This festival is held on the beautiful island of Marinduque which is highly regarded as the Philippines’ heartbeat. The unique name of this festival is derived from the armor worn by Roman Soldiers. Locals play dress up adorning the costumes that Roman soldiers wore in the Biblical times. The event is showcased by unique performances on the street and a tour to the island’s most spectacular attractions including beautiful islets around the heart-shaped island.

Location: Marinduque
Date: March 26 (Monday) to April 15 (Sunday)

Kadaugan sa Mactan

[Image Credit: Choose Philippines]
[Image Credit: Choose Philippines]
Every year, the people of Mactan celebrates the Kadaugan sa Mactan or the Victory in Mactan. This festival honors Lapu-Lapu and his triumph over Magellan that dates back to the 16th century. Actors and actresses represent the main figures of the historical event and canoes leading a procession to the beach the represents the ships of Magellan. The festive program features a parade of decorated ships and the erection of Magellan’s cross on the island.

Location: Mactan
Date: April 27 (Friday)

The E?yXiOn in Manila

[Image Credit: KStreet Manila]
[Image Credit: KStreet Manila]
There are a lot of KPOP fans in the country. When we say KPOP, one of the biggest names that would easily come to your mind is the group EXO. The international performers will come back to Manila to share their talents to the Filipino EXO-Ls

Location: Mall of Asia Arena
Date: April 28 (Saturday)

Are you excited for the start of summer? Because we surely are!

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