The Mind Museum at the Fort


The Mind Museum is all set to become the first World Class Science Museum in Philippines. The museum consists of 250 interactive exhibits that will provide each visitor the entertainment, fun and the knowledge of the present science.

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Outer Space

The Mind Museum at the Fort will feature five equally interesting galleries. The five galleries depict stories of Universe, Life, Atom, Earth and Technology too.

Dinosaur Replica manila
Dinosaur Replica

The gallery for the story of the Universe showcases its beginning as well as majesty. The gallery for the story of earth showcases the story across the breadth of time. The gallery for the story of Life mainly deals with the exuberant varieties of life. The gallery for the story of the atom denotes the strange world of the very small. The gallery for the story of Technology showcases the Human Ingenuity.

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Butanding in Manila

Another attraction in the Mind Museum includes the presence of a glass encased café where the visitors can relax with a view of the Science-in-the-Park which is considered to be the extensive outdoor park which provides children as well as adults an opportunity to continue their learning experience. The Science-in-the-Park will include mainly four play pockets that include Water, Math, Music as well as Living Pockets.

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Meet the Pinoy Astronaut:)

Before entering the five galleries, visitors will be welcomed by a huge lobby followed by an ‘Introductory Hall’ and the Hall of Philippine Science. The museum will also provide the venues that are designed for conducting discussions, seminars as well as workshops. The workshops include Theatre, Mind Pods as well as a Lab.

Know more about Whalesharks in Donsol
Know more about Whalesharks in Donsol

Each of the five galleries is connected by means of crucial links known as Nature’s Webways. These hallways feature the presence of audio visuals as well as exhibits that will help the users in making the shift from the complex woven stories of the galleries.

Meet Aedi
Meet Aedi

The Story of the Atom is the gallery that has the largest number of interactive exhibits. The gallery consists of information regarding elemental forces such as gravity as well as electromagnetism.

Mommy look at my hair
Mommy look at my hair

The Story of Life gallery mainly deals with the various habitats that will help in the nurturing of astonishing numbers and kinds of organisms.

Rainbow Passage
Rainbow Passage

The Universe gallery mainly includes the presence of a mini-planetarium. The gallery will also provide the visitors with the knowledge about fundamental elements as well as forces that are at play in the universe.

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Read and Learn

The gallery also includes images from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as a graphic history of humankind’s quest to other parts of the solar system.

Read Me
Read Me

The Earth Gallery features the presence of first T-REX exhibit and other exhibits in the country that mainly focuses on the earth as well as nature. Visitors can gain knowledge regarding the Natural History that begins from 4.6 billion years ago.

The Human Story
The Human Story

The Technology gallery is the largest of all the galleries present in the Mind Museum. It also has the reputation of being the only exhibition space on the second level that has the ability to overlook the remaining four galleries.


One of the major attractions in the technology gallery is the presence of a 360 degree screen that constantly shows an updated video of the stories told by the people regarding their favorite technologies and the reason they are impressed with them. The gallery is mainly divided in to five major themes which reflect on things like how to live, how to know, how things work, who we are and here its how we are.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. No. 909-MIND (6463)
Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesdays to Sundays

Regular fees at The Mind Museum would be P600 (adults), P450 (students enrolled in private schools), P150 (students enrolled in public schools, teachers). For more details logon to