Hopia Ube at Bakers Hill

It’s hard to feel down on Palawan. I look out and see the gentle breezes wafting across the water and see the swaying palm trees. I see smiling, laughing people all around me. I simply enjoy the simple and laid-back life in the island. If for even a second, I start to feel strain or depression, I know the perfect cure though. Whenever Im in Puerto Princesa, I always visit Bakers Hill and enjoy the fresh air, friendly people and the freshly baked Hopia.

Bakers Hill Hopia Ube
Bakers Hill Hopia Ube

At Baker’s Hill I hand over a few pesos and I walk back to the beach with a box full of hopia ube.

Chocolate Puto
Chocolate Puto

Personally, I like to take the hopia ube and go to the beach but if you decide to stay at Baker’s Hill, you’ll find an aviary, a nice place to sit and relax, and quite a few tourists. In the past few years it became a sort of tourist attraction all by itself. I don’t mind as long as the hopia ube stay delicious.

The reason why they’ve gotten famous is because without a doubt, they make the best hopia ube in the entire Puerto Princesa and probably the entire Philippines. They also have plenty of tasty treats, snacks, and you can sit for a meal if you like too. Trust me though, the key is to go share your treats with family, friends and even strangers and make some new friends. You’ll never regret it.

  1. Pinoy Adventurista says

    sarap naman nyan// try ko yan pag visit ko ng Palawan… thanks po for sharing..

  2. u8mypinkcookies says

    i agree!! sarap ng ube hopia nila. The monggo is good too.

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