Uncovering Paradise within the Tropical Islands of Palawan

The Philippines has always been known for its picture-perfect coastlines and warm, clear, blue waters.  With all these beaches to choose from, how can one discover something different for a summer retreat?

best resort in taytay palawan
Apulit Island Resort in Taytay Palawan

Well, all it takes is a chartered plane and boat ride to take you to a secluded spot cradled between limestone cliffs intricately carved by the forces of the earth and water. It’s where the mountains meet the sea and where the shore is just as stunning as the hidden lagoons.

apulit resort in palawan
Apulit Island Resort – View of the Bay from the Water Cottage Verandah

The place is El Nido Resorts in Palawan—a three-island destination that takes you to an eco-touristic sojourn within one of the country’s most beautiful and unspoiled natural wonders.  Apulit, Miniloc and Lagen all bear the Philippine’s tropical trademark, but each has its own distinctive features that stand out from the commonplace.

best resorts el nido palawan
El Nido Travel Guide – Kayaking at the Big Lagoon

Apulit Island

Featuring 50 over-the-water cottages, Apulit Island Resort is the choice getaway for both intrepid and novice adventurers. Set within a pristine cove with panoramic views of Palawan’s horizon, Apulit Island is far from the glossy nightlife that most beachcombers inevitably end up in. Instead, you are taken to a resort with an endless stretch of a white-sand beach lined with coconut trees. Here, you can go diving, swim with blue-spotted sting-rays, sail across one of the island’s widest coves, or simply enjoy languid days on the beachfront.

lagen resort palawan
Lagen Island Resort Swimming Pool

Miniloc Island

On the northern tip of Palawan is Miniloc Island, El Nido’s eco-adventure playground. The island, tucked within a beautiful backdrop of mountains, limestone cliffs, caves, and lagoons is centrally located to access the numerous eco-adventure sites. From island-hopping and sight-seeing to spelunking and kayaking through the most picturesque lagoons, Miniloc Island takes you through a definitive tropical adventure unmatched anywhere in the country.

miniloc island hotel
Miniloc Island Resort – Boardwalk

Lagen Island

Nestled between a lush four-hectare forest and a calm lagoon, Lagen is a tranquil, private island that offers an experience of pampering and relaxation with its luxurious accommodations, private gourmet dinner offerings, and its signature hilot massage. Set against a backdrop of the most dramatic El Nido sunsets, the surrounding forest and breathtaking limestone cliffs are natural attractions that serve as sanctuary for a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a place where guests would be able to intimately observe these endemic creatures in their natural habitat.

Miniloc Island Resort - Cove
Miniloc Island Resort – Cove

Whether it’s sailing across the island’s most beautiful cove, conquering Palawan’s caves, or exploring the most beautiful lagoons, you get to enjoy it all in the midst of the most picturesque tropical settings.

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Lagen Island Resort and Miniloc Island Resort, collectively known as El Nido Resorts, are located in the northern part of Palawan, Philippines. Apulit Island Resort is the newest eco-resort in Taytay, Palawan under the El Nido Resorts group.

Each resort has its own charm and offers a distinct quality of personalized service that is attuned and responsive to the unique needs of each guest. El Nido Resorts believes in respecting the natural environment through responsible tourism.

It strives to operate with minimal negative impact to nature. Having been operating since 1981, El Nido Resorts have gained extensive knowledge of the area. From these knowledge and experiences evolved a distinct quality of service that allows guests to have an enriching holiday.

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