Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience
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The Iron Man Experience Opens to the Public in Hong Kong Disneyland in January

The Iron Man Experience Opens to the Public in Hong Kong Disneyland in January 2017

Mark the date, January 11, 2017. Iron Man is going to fly high in the skies of Hong Kong. The mission – save Hong Kong from the destructive force called HYDRA! And it is all going to happen in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland Stark Expo Iron Wing
Hong Kong Disneyland Stark Expo Iron Wing

The ride marks a couple of ‘firsts’ for the theme park. This marks the first time that Marvel and Disney are going to venture as partners. It is the first theme park ride that uses the city of Hong Kong in its storyline.

The Iron Man Experience

It starts with billionaire inventor Tony Stark hosting Stark Expo in Tomorrowland. He shows guests his latest inventions displayed in the Hall of Mobility, Hall of Energy, Hall of Protection, and Hall of Legacy. Guests fly side by side with Iron Man riding his own creation, The Iron Wing. Then HYDRA attacks Hong Kong and Iron Man is the only one who can protect the city and its’ people.

The whole attraction took Marvel and Disney three years to create. Guests will experience the best devices and technology the world has to offer. It is one experience that will immerse guests in an unforgettable fight between good versus evil. The question is how is Iron Man going to save and protect Hong Kong from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most powerful adversary? Iron Man is alone and needs your help. Suit up!

Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man themed Merchandise
Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man themed Merchandise

The attraction features some of Hong Kong’s famous landmarks. It includes the streets of Kowloon and the CBD. It also includes Victoria Harbour and the mountain ranges.

The Iron Wing is a plane that has design elements inspired by the Iron Man suit. 45 guests take their place in it. Inside is where all the action happens. Guests enjoy the best 3-D projectors, realistic flight simulation devices, and the best surround sound system. Nothing compares to it. The whole thing ends at the Hong Kong Stark Tower.

From now until the attraction opens, more Iron Man mini attractions are being set up. An expo shop dedicated to the attraction just opened and sells Iron Man and Marvel products. The expo shop includes the Become Iron Man suit where a guest can suit up and play an interactive game. The game allows the guest to save Hong Kong while using the suits armory of weapons.

Even the restaurants in the park are in it as well. They have menu dishes named after their superhero. As guests move along, they will find more Iron Man attractions found at the Iron Man Tech Showcase. Stark Industries presents the showcase where more Iron Man Suits are on display.

Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience
Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience

Stan Lee, the genius behind Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment knows that park lovers look for. He said visitors look a colorful, spectacular adventure. This is what guests are going to get in the Iron Man Experience.

A sneak peak is going to happen starting the 23rd of December, 2016 to the 8th of January, 2017. Guests staying at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel get Priority Admission Passes. Passes are given to a maximum of four persons to a room.

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