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10 Ways to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget

How to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget

If you are just trying out your wings at being a jet setter, Hong Kong is definitely a good place to start. However, if you don’t plan it well, you could end up losing your shirt. How do other people do it?

Unlike Japan and Singapore, Hong Kong is a nice place to explore, especially for budget travelers. There’s ample affordable places to stay, good places to eat, and free things to do and see.

Hong Kong by night by Lic Lagarde via Flickr - Hong Kong on a Budget
Hong Kong by night by Lic Lagarde via Flickr – Hong Kong on a Budget

You can also enjoy what Hong Kong offers on a shoestring budget if you put a little work into it.

10. Set up Seat Sale alerts

AirAsia Manila - Hong Kong Flights
AirAsia Manila – Hong Kong Flights

Many airlines offer cheap tickets to Hong Kong all the time. The trick is to get there ahead of the horde. You can sign up for alerts with Air Asia to know when they have something good to offer.

You can get a roundtrip ticket to Hong Kong on less than PHP 1,000, including the fuel surcharge. Of course, you will probably have to book a flight during the off-peak season, but who cares, right?

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9. Find a Hostel

Hostels in Hong Kong
Hostels in Hong Kong

There are plenty of cheap places to stay in Hong Kong. A little online search can get you there. There are hostels for as little as PHP 600 a night if you book it online. If you are worried about bedbugs or security, check out the reviews before making your booking.

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8. Visit a Museum

Hong Kong Museum of Art by Ian Muttoo via Flickr
Hong Kong Museum of Art by Ian Muttoo via Flickr

An economic pastime while in Hong Kong is making the rounds of the museums. Some like the History Museum and the Hong Kong Art Museum are free to enter.

7. Check out the Temples

Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong by Edward Kim via Flickr
Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong by Edward Kim via Flickr

For a real feel of Hong Kong, however, you should go to the temples. You won’t have to pay to enter, but you could get a little luck (and local favor) by buying a couple of incense sticks and lighting it up.

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6. Take the Tram

Hong Kong Tram by Himbeerdoni via Flickr
Hong Kong Tram by Himbeerdoni via Flickr

We don’t have it here in PH, so this is a great way for you to have a new experience and, at the same time, get you around Hong Kong for a small fee. You might have a little difficulty understanding the system, but you could make it a little easier by researching it online before getting there.

5. Oh, yes, the Night Market!

Night Market in Mong Kok
Night Market in Mong Kok

You have not experienced Hong Kong righteously if you have not been to the Temple Street Night Market. It is crowded, it is crazy, and it is truly Hong Kong. If you want to see local culture at its liveliest, this is where you want to go.

Check out the cheap wares and the local food. Be careful, though, there are pickpockets in Hong Kong, too! Secure the bulk of your money and passport before heading out, and stick to the well-lighted areas.

4. Go on a boat ride

Junk Boat in Hong Kong by Michali K via Flickr
Junk Boat in Hong Kong by Michali K via Flickr

Once upon a time, boats were the main means of transportation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Boat Rides are still available for tourists for a nominal fee. You can watch the sun go down from one of them as you cruise along Hong Kong’s coastline.

3. Food stalls galore

Street Food in Mong Kok
Street Food in Mong Kok

You can go to any of the big-name fast-food restaurants for a budget meal, but you can do so much better by patronizing the Cooked Food Market stalls. You get authentic Chinese food Hong Kong-style without killing your budget.

2. Shades of Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Hong Kong by Rachael Moore via Flickr
Tai Chi in Hong Kong by Rachael Moore via Flickr

If you go to Greenhills in the early morning, you will see small pockets of Tai Chi lessons. You will see the same thing in the parks of Hong Kong.

1. Journey to the Peak

Hong Kong Skyline at night
Hong Kong Skyline at night

For your first time in Hong Kong, a must-do, even if you have to fork over a bit of cash, is the cable car ride to Victoria Peak.

It is the highest point in Hong Kong, so you get a spectacular view of the city and the harbors. You can use the coin-operated telescopes, but it isn’t really necessary. Just relax and enjoy the view.

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How to reach the City from Hong Kong International Airport?

There are plenty of options to get to and from Hong Kong International Airport. The Airport Express links Hong Kong International Airport directly to Hong Kong’s central business district, and buses connect the airport with most of the city.

If you want a more convenient choice, you can hire a taxi or a private car that can transport you directly to your hotel or target destination, but it may cost you more than the first option.

If you are on a budget, you can purchase Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass via Klook.com.

This travel pass includes 3 Day Pass, and a single or returns ride on the Airport Express into the Hong Kong Central Business district.

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