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The Best Resorts in Laguna Province for Your Next Escape

List of Laguna Province Province Hotels and Resorts

Where to Stay: 7 Best Resorts in Laguna Province

Laguna Province, Philippines — The proximity of Laguna to the Metro has made it the top choice for travelers and weekend warriors for a quick getaway and companies in their outings and team building activities.

Best Resorts in Laguna Province Philippines by Dex Ochoa via Unsplash
Best Resorts in Laguna Province Philippines by Dex Ochoa via Unsplash

And Laguna does not fall short of expectations. There’s no running of options here with the tremendous list of interesting resorts it has to offer. But with this long list of resorts, it could be difficult to decide which ones are worth visiting.

If you’re looking for a quick escape from the roaring city life and eyeing Laguna’s beautiful province, here are the top resorts in Laguna you could give a try.

Sol Y Viento Pansol

Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Springs Resort in Panson Laguna
Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Springs Resort in Panson Laguna

Address: UPHSD, Alabang–Zapote Road, Las Pinas, 1440 Metro Manila

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Sol Y Viento is a Spanish phrase for sun and wind. And its name perfectly depicts the refreshing ambiance that this resort provides their guest. Remarkably nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Calamba City, Sol Y Viento is a resort that gives the perfect balance of warmth from the sun and the cool winds of the mountaintops.

This resort stands above the rest since it offers a spectacular view of the stunning Mt. Makiling. With its unique pools in different sizes and temperature variations, you can surely find the perfect spot for a relaxing day.

They offer air-conditioned accommodations if you plan on staying overnight. They have Cabanas with an excitingly indoor hot spring Jacuzzi all for you! For bigger groups, dormitory-type rooms called Team rooms are also available. Perfect for big families, company outings, or simply bonding with friends. All these rooms are overlooking the beautiful Laguna De Bay and a lush backdrop of the mountains.

In Sol Y Viento, you’re also in for a gastronomic treat in their Cafe Sabroso, which serves scrumptious local and foreign dishes. If you want to chill around, the Fabero bar offers house-blend cocktails and wines while you enjoy a scenic treat of Laguna De Bay and lovely mountainscapes.

If you are craving for a simply refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the serene ambiance in Sol Y Viento will absolutely appease your need for relaxation.

Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa - The Best Resorts in Laguna Province
Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa – The Best Resorts in Laguna Province

Address: Alviar Compound Purok, 1-B Tadlac Brgy Road, Los Baños, 4030 Laguna

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Laresio offers a fascinating dip and an array of compelling activities. Perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts!

Situated in Los Banos, Laresio is a fun-filled getaway packed with thrilling sports and water activities for those seeking a dose of adventure.

They offer many riveting activities such as Kayak riding, Cliff Diving, Aquabike, Vine Swing, Rafting, Wall Climbing, Slip n’Fly, and a Zipline! You can also try more subtle but equally delightful activities such as Camping or watch a movie in their awesome outdoor cinema, and even have a free Zumba session in the morning!

In Laresio, there’s so much you can do in a day! You may opt to do a day tour and try all their activities in one whole day. They have pools and nipa huts, just like any other resort amenities. Or you can stay overnight as they also offer rooms at an affordable price. You can also bring your own food without the usual corkage fee.

Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel

Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel
Splash Mountain Resort and Hotel

Address: Km. 58 National Hwy, Los Baños, Laguna

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The Splash Mountain is a sprawling resort complex located in the town of Los Banos.

Having a staggering nineteen (19) natural pools and crowd luring Giant slides, this resort is sure to bring you a delightful time of recreation with friends or family. They also have  3-feet activity pools fit for children, and plenty of accommodations for your stay in their Splash Hotel. If you wish for a tranquility time, a lazy pool is also available where you can relax and recharge after a day filled with excitement and fun.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

The sparkling blue water swimming pool of Villa Escudero
The sparkling blue water swimming pool of Villa Escudero

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Villa Escudero is an impressive showcase of Filipino culture at its best.

Experience the richness of our culture while enjoying a rejuvenating atmosphere in this mesmerizing coconut plantation and resort. There’s an array of amusing activities you could do, such as bamboo rafting along the Labasin lake, eating a delectable Filipino buffet lunch beside the Labasin falls, or simply taking a plunge in their swimming pools.

They also offer various accommodations for every type of visitor. So whether its a family staycation, a barkada reunion, or a company outing, Villa Escudero offers a range of enticing facilities for your retreat.

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort
Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort

Address: Lumban – Caliraya – Cavinti Rd, Cavinti, Laguna

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Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort is more than just a fishing destination and resort.

Originally, this 7-hectare property is designed to be a haven for anglers since Caligaya was given a good water resource stream. It is subdivided to fish ponds, campsites, nature trails, and various accommodations like tents, native huts, dormitory rooms, a 20-room hotel, a function room, and a dining and indoor game area.

It also offers a wide selection of amenities and activities such as a swimming pool with cottages, lounges, and hammocks with a pillow, Kawayan fishing platforms, billiard, air hockey indoor tables. It caters Filipino comfort dishes cooked using naturally cultivated ingredients from their productive farm.

Caliraya aims to be the premier agri-tourism center in Laguna by promoting its organic farming platforms, integrating amenities and activities that lead to relationship building and quality time. The good climate conditions add up to the nature-loving experience of guests.

Aligned in creating worthy relationships, Caliraya is a complete package to ease relaxation while cultivating nature. It is a perfect place to escape while doing nothing for quite some time, away from the city life’s hustle and bustle.

Hannah’s Garden Resort and Events Place

Hannas Garden Resort and Events Place
Hannas Garden Resort and Events Place

Address: Silangan Rd, Calamba, Laguna

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Hannah’s Garden Resort has enhanced its nearby countryside to develop a special getaway place to experience.

The garden resort is situated in Brgy. Bunggo Silangan of Calamba Laguna and is accessible via SLEX from Manila, just hour proximity.

Hannah’s Garden shows love to their guests by giving an ambiance au naturel (natural atmosphere), to unwind themselves and to have perfect dining during their stay.

Hannah’s Garden Resort has named their ten (10) exclusive rooms to native flowers of the country: ylang-ylang, Rosal, Sampaguita, daisy, and orchid rooms. Aside from these, they also offer one (1) dormitory room. Likewise, it has a garden, pool, dining, obstacle, function, and reception to cater to weddings, seminars, team buildings, birthdays, and other festivities to celebrate. Indeed, a perfect place to have intimate gatherings.

The resort serves enticing organic food, which guests would love to eat for a reasonable price. After indulging yourself with a great taste of food, why not say yes to a body massage? If you have a pet, the resort is pet-friendly too. You may bring it during your break and let your pet also enjoy the open areas to play and run around. Then if you want some indoor activities, they got your billiards and table tennis room to hang out.

Overall, Hannah’s garden is a cool vacation getaway break. Save some time to have a very peaceful ambiance to freshen up your soul and mind in this lush tropical garden.

Casa San Pablo Bed and Breakfast

Casa San Pablo
Casa San Pablo

Address: Colago Avenue, Barrio San Roque, San Pablo City

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Casa San Pablo Bed and Breakfast inspires guests to pull back from the hectic pace.

The property owners say, “We aim to rediscover the joy and wonder of a life lived on an intimate scale.”  The property is created as a cozy place to relish simple joys and rekindle things in life, to feel you are at home while having your comfort “lutong bahay” delicious foods. Continuously adapting the way their grandmother prepare and cook meals while sharing stories like old friends.

Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast, events venue, and art space in one. It bears a creative approach for guests by providing art activities to devour. These activities transform one relationship to strengthen when in a group or relish hidden talents to you. It has various rooms to offer that brings nostalgia because of its different indoor set-ups. Yes, no two rooms are alike here. The best thing to experience having a unique, classy, and exclusive room all for you and your company. The interior designs are well-maintained, reviving styles, and colors from time to time.

This bed and breakfast offer packages for company meetings or teambuilding, weddings or prenuptial venue, parties or celebrations, tours, and café dining. The greenery environment features allow you to rejuvenate and relax.

Another thing to look forward to their art space of craft exhibits and a room for clay storytellers, which will be much appreciated if you kid companions. This area serves as a learning environment associated with friends, families, or even for a company.

Laguna is truly blessed with the incredible beauty of nature. It’s one of the best places near the Metro where you can unwind and free yourself up away from the city’s busy time. So if you’re looking for your next escape, head down south to Laguna and discover its hidden gems!

Check out our complete list of recommended Hotels and Resorts in Laguna, Philippines, via Agoda, or you may also see available Airbnb properties in the city.

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