SnoWalk, Experience Snowfall in Malaysia

During my recent Kuala Lumpur visit with Cebu Travel Bloggers for the Inaugural flight of AirAsia Zest’s Cebu – Kuala Lumpur flights, we visited a new theme park called i-City. Located in Selangor, i-City offers Showalk – a winter wonderland in Malaysia.

Experience Winter in Malaysia
Experience Winter in Malaysia

Malaysia has never been known for it’s snowy winters. In fact, the biggest complaint about SnoWalk is that you really have to bring the proper cold weather gear. People just aren’t prepared for what it feels like when it’s truly cold. The temperature inside is -5 Celcius.

Carla Alferez and Synz Solon in Snowalk
Carla Alferez and Synz Solon in Snowalk

So how can you be sure that you’ll have a good time? Bundle up and get ready for a shock! Don’t go in expecting to be instantly transported to Switzerland, because that is still impossible. But if you’re the kind of person who can relax and let go, you’ll really enjoy SnoWalk. Plus, when it’s hot outside there’s nothing like a deep freeze to remind you how good it feels to live somewhere warm!

Melo Villareal beside the Giant Ice Slide
Melo Villareal beside the Giant Ice Slide

SnoWalk is Malaysia’s version of Singapore’s Snow City, but it’s bigger and has more to offer. It’s still an indoor snow experience, with ice sculptures and sledding opportunities for kids and adults. But this really is a big playground covered in ice. Let’s face it, the people who are going to enjoy this the most are kids. Or adults who still have that playful kid inside them.

Titus and Cecille enjoying Malaysia's Winter Wonderland
Titus and Cecille enjoying Malaysia’s Winter Wonderland

My favorite is the mini-bobsled run. You get to drive your own roller coaster, essentially, and it’s not only fun and safe, but it feels like an adventure. There are a number of other “rides” which allow you to slide down icy pathways, and that’ll keep you busy for quite some time.

Melo Villareal inside Snowalk
Melo Villareal inside Snowalk

Other things to look out for include the ice sculptures, which are everywhere. Snowmen, ice penguins, and igloos are abundant throughout. There are ice houses and an ice bar – where they should have been serving icy drinks, but no luck there. And they use LED lights to create effects within the ice sculptures, giving you the feeling that you’re not just in a snowy place, but a magical snowy place.

Ayn Latonio in his classic photobombing act
Ayn Latonio in his classic photobombing act

Doi and Friends!
Doi and Friends!

Dylan's Ice Casle adventure
Dylan’s Ice Casle adventure

I’m going to say this one more time, though: bring everything warm that you’ve got. Snowalk provides a thick thermal jacket for a fee for those who are not really prepared. If you don’t have gloves, you will not last long. There’s also no changing rooms, so you should wear something that you can easily cover up with – ideally – snow pants, boots, jackets, gloves, and a hat and scarf. Seriously. You cannot be over dressed for this experience, but if you don’t have enough warm gear, you’ll be ready to leave before you’ve enjoyed yourself.

SnoWalk is a good opportunity to get a taste of what you’re missing by being in a tropical place like Malaysia. But don’t expect too much, it’s easy to be disappointed when it’s not the real thing.

D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ
City Park, I-City
40000 Sham Alam Malaysia.
TEL: 03 5521 8800
General Enquiries:
Development Enquiries:
Online Ticketing (i-Ticket) Enquiries:

Many thanks to AirAsia Zest – The Right Way to fly and Tourism Malaysia – Visit Malaysia 2014 for making this trip possible. AirAsia Zest now flies daily to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Cebu Mactan International Airport. Visit for flight schedules, promos and online flight reservation. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get more updates.

  1. Melo Villareal says

    hahahaha ayaw mag shopping eh:)

  2. Dylan Chan says

    It was freaking cold. Really… Also, I didn’t realize it was -5 degrees Celsius until I read this post Melo. And Doi, the light contrast on your face makes you look like a villain in a Christmas movie. hehehe.

  3. Doi | says

    LOL @wanderingdylan:disqus. haha. But yeah, it was suuuper coooold in there. would have wanted to go out and rent boots to go to the farthest end sana and also ride the slide!

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