Smart teams up with Shopee for a simple and easy way to pay your Postpaid Bill via ShopeePay

Manila, Philippines – Mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. has teamed up with the leading e-commerce platform Shopee to introduce another simple and easy way for subscribers to pay their postpaid bill using ShopeePay.

Smart teams up with Shopee for a simple and easy way  to pay your Postpaid Bill via ShopeePay
Smart teams up with Shopee for a simple and easy way to pay your Postpaid Bill via ShopeePay

As an official mobile wallet regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, ShopeePay enables users to quickly and securely top-up funds and use this to pay their monthly postpaid bill within the Shopee app.

Worry-free postpaid experience with Smart

ShopeePay adds to the many simple and easy ways Smart customers can enjoy a worry-free postpaid experience. With it, they can pay their bills safely wherever they are.

To get started, log-in to your Shopee app. Activate your ShopeePay wallet by clicking on “ShopeePay” in the “Me” tab and completing the activation process. Top up your wallet using your selected payment method.

Once you’ve topped up your ShopeePay wallet, you can pay your bills with just a few taps on your smartphone. Simply go to “Load, Bills & eServices,” tap “Postpaid Mobile,” and “Select Smart or Sun as the Biller.”

Then, enter your account information, choose ShopeePay as your payment option, and click “Pay Now” on the checkout page. Input the voucher code and select the voucher that appears on the screen.

Subscribers of Smart Bro Postpaid and Sun Postpaid can also use ShopeePay to pay their monthly bills.

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Get rewarded every time you pay your postpaid bill.

Aside from utter convenience and safety, paying your Smart postpaid bill via ShopeePay is also rewarding. It allows users to redeem Shopee coins, which they can then use to pay for items bought within the platform.

As a special perk, new users get 250 Shopee coins for a minimum spend of P1000 while existing users get up to 150 Shopee coins for the same minimum spend.

Moreover, subscribers can get more during the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival this October. You can get more Shopee coins when you pay your postpaid bill every Digital Monday, and ShoppeePay Thursday: new Digital Product buyers get 300 Shopee coins for a minimum spend of P1000, while all users get 200 Shopee coins for the same minimum spend.

Know more about this new simple and easy way to settle your Smart postpaid bill by visiting Discover more ways to manage your plan, pay bills, and more with the new Smart GigaLife app available on the app store or play store.

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