SM Hypermarket’s Best Pinoy Street Food 2014

Street Food Cooks Race for own SM Food Stall

Serving the much loved Pinoy street foods does have its own rewards. It’s true that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to local food culture and millions of people line up for street food every day. It’s what people crave for and what people want. There’s just something so enchanting in food that you’d have to turo-turo, tusok-tusok, and takal-takal in order to enjoy the budget-friendly yet great tasting grub. In the Philippines, people just don’t have bbq, there’s also isaw/sss, betamax, bato, helmets, and more! Eggs can go with anything; ham, bacon, tocino, tapa, hotdogs, and footlongs. Home cooked meals can be found in every corner. Meet two street food heroes who might just make it big in this year’s search for the Best Pinoy Street Food.

Best Pinoy Street Food 2014
Best Pinoy Street Food 2014

All it takes is a little creativity

Eloisa P. Cabrales owns a small burger joint in Batangas named Cab’s Burgeria which has been successfully serving great tasting burgers for 2 years. It’s a budding food business and Eloisa can’t ask for more. But when she heard about SM Hypermarket’s search for the Best Pinoy Street Food, she knew it was time to unleash her true kitchen prowess. She decided to enter the competition for the best pancit/pasta/mami. And as a master of ground meat and the right mix of everything delicious, she whipped up an interesting entry, the sizzling sisig pasta; an impressive fusion of Pinoy and Italian cuisine served in a hot plate. It was indeed a captivating dish that tasted as good as its first impression. She bested dozens of other hopefuls in Batangas with her winning dish which is just a taste of what she can do in order to win the Best Pinoy Street Food.

Winner of SM Hypermarket Batangas’ elimination round, Eloisa Cabrales, with her winning Sizzling Sisig Pasta.
Winner of SM Hypermarket Batangas’ elimination round, Eloisa Cabrales, with her winning Sizzling Sisig Pasta.

Dreams starting to become reality

It all started in the kitchen where the young Margie Tamayo used to spend hours watching ingredients sliced, pans heated, concoctions blended, and flavorful masterpieces created. Today, Margie is the owner of the 4-year old Margie’s Carinderia in Valenzuela. Every dish she serves in her thriving restaurant was born from her passion to cook. It’s not just curiosity for her, she can’t really explain it but there’s just something in getting busy in the kitchen that truly captivates Margie. Years and years of practice honed her cooking skills which eventually led her to opening her very own eatery. And of course, someone with her passion and interest in cooking won’t let SM Hypermarket’s Best Pinoy Street Food pass. With her eyes set on the prize, Margie entered the competition with her Black Pasta Seafood; a masterful mix of elements from the sea that simply won the judges hearts over. And now that Margie has qualified, she feels it’s the perfect time to test whether her years spent in the kitchen can turn her dreams into reality.

Margie Tamayo
Valenzuela’s own Margie Tamayo with her amazing Black Pasta Seafood.

Face to face with Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro

With so much cooking skills in the streets feeding majority of the population, it’s time to beef up the rewards a little bit. Eloisa Cabrales of SM Hypermarket Batangas, Margie Tamayo of SM Hypermarket Valenzuela, along with Lorna Bongayal of SM Hypermarket Cubao, Madel Lopez of SM Hypermarket Rosales, Villa Amor Loresca of SM Hypermarket East Service Road, Wendell Jay Franco Melo of SM Hypermarket Monumento, and Merly Dulay Co of SM Hypermarket Adriatico, beat hundreds of other contestants to move on and meet the one and only Kusina Master, celebrity Chef Boy Logro, the dishwasher turned palace kitchen sous chef cooking for the sultan of Oman.

Eloisa's Winning Sizzling Sisig Pasta
Eloisa’s Winning Sizzling Sisig Pasta

A year rent-free SM stall

The 30 qualifiers from the different SM Hypermarket branches will compete using ingredients from Knorr, Del Monte, Nestle, CDO, Bounty Fresh, and Purefoods for their very own food business at SM Hypermarket rent-free and the recognition of cooking the Best Pinoy Street Food of 2014. Eliminations are still ongoing and chances to win the competition is still open to all. Next up is the search for the best inihaw/bbq at SM Hypermarket Marilao, Las Piñas, Novaliches, Molino, and Mandaluyong on Oct 22, the best silog at SM Hypermarket Baliwag, Marketmall, Makati, Muntinlupa, and North Harbour on Oct 23, the best adobo at SM Hypermarket Pampanga, Cainta, Pasig, FTI, and Sucat on Oct 29, and the best pancit/pasta/bihon at SM Hypermarket Clark, Taytay, Mall of Asia, North EDSA, and Sucat Lopez Oct 30.

So if you think you whip up the best street food there is and if you want you to make it big with your very own food stall at SM Hypermarket then head to the nearest SM Hypermarket to find out how you can become the first ever winner of SM Hypermarket’s Best Pinoy Street Food.


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