Roots Ginger Brew Sparkling Drink Now Available in Manila

Last thursday, I attended a small gathering of some of the country’s top food bloggers for the launch of Roots Ginger Brew which was held at Outback Steakhouse in Glorieta 4 Makati City.

Roots Ginger Brew Philippines Roots Ginger Brew Now in Manila

Quite possibly the best new ginger ale drink in the world is Australia’s Roots Ginger Brew. It was my first time to taste it and I really really like it. It has the bite and strength of a sparkling ginger drink made from real ginger, and it has the perfect level of sweetness.It not just good tasting, it also has a natural anti-oxidant, it soothes the throat and it also helps promote good digestion. Roots Ginger Brew Sparkling Drink is tasty, authentic, and now they have finally expanded to the Manila market – thank goodness!

Bogart the Explorer Bogart the Explorer at the Roots Ginger Brew Launch

If you love mixing alcoholic drinks like me:) You can also use it as a mixer with rum for the perfect cool cocktail after a hard day’s work. As a world-class city, Manila has most of the international brands you would expect to see.

But we have been missing out on some of the more boutique-style beverages that gain an international following quickly. Roots Ginger Brew is one of the newest product of Asia Brewery but they initially started out quite small with the idea of bringing a delicious and refreshing sparkling ginger drink to Australia.

Roots Ginger Brew at 7-Eleven Cebu
Roots Ginger Brew at 7-Eleven Cebu

The company just launched their tasty beverage in November of last year. Here in Manila, I’ve been just waiting to see it on shelves. Personally, a truly ginger-crisp sparkling drink is better than a cola on a hot day.

Did you know that there’s as much salt in a Coke as there is in an entire pizza!? Makes you thirsty for more – but there’s so much sugar, salt, and things that are not good for your health. So say goodbye to Cola!

Roots is brewed with real ginger and if you check the ingredient list you’ll find nothing weird or foreign in there. All natural for all delicious. The Aussies are serious about sparkling ginger, so it’s no surprise that Roots is excellent.

I love Roots Ginger Brew, and I’m glad to see they’ve expanded this way. How about the price? This new product from down under only costs P21.00 SRP and as you read this, you can now find Roots Ginger Brew in 7-Elevens around Metro Manila as well as in major supermarkets.

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  1. Micamyx|Senyorita says

    Yay me likey! Will try this one buti available na dito sa Pinas 😀

    1. melo says

      @Mica – Sorry di kita nabigyan nung nanood tayo sine:) bili na lang tayo sa 7-eleven:)

  2. tikboy says

    Classmate ano lasa nyan parang salabat?

    1. melo says

      Tiks – yup lasang salabat pero sparkling sya kasi may carbonated water:) sarap try mo!

  3. Sho says

    I didn’t know that this drink tastes good because of it’s cheap price.. Makabili nga! 😀

    1. melo says

      Sho:) try mo sa baba ng building meron ministop dun di ba?

  4. Sho says

    I don’t have any idea na masarap to because of it’s cheap price.. Masarap pla sya? a must try! =))

  5. Sho says

    Yup! ministop & 7-eleven meron kami =))

    1. melo says

      Go na haha, punta pala ako rob bukas:)

  6. arnold says

    melo,itry ko 2 pguwi ko..ito pla secret mo kya mas na-enhance voice mo.hehehehe

    1. melo says

      @arnold – hahaha natawa naman ako sa comment mo:) kita kits pag uwi!

  7. Christian Melanie Lee says

    anong lasa kaya nito? available na ba to sa supermarket?

    1. melo says

      yup medyo lasang salabat pero sparkling sya kasi may soda taste at masarap sya:)

  8. Bogs says

    Thanks for sharing this information. I will definitely try this one and I will take your word about it. Finally, something that I would enjoy drinking without having to worry about too much sugar. Cheers!!

    1. melo says

      @Bogs – sa 7-eleven meron na:)

  9. mico says

    would love to try this one! meron ba neto sa 7/11? haha

    1. melo says

      @Mico – Musta Na!!!!! yeah meron sa 711:)

  10. Dems says

    I’ve never tried any drink made with ginger. Salabat taste, I can tolerate. Sparkling water, I don’t really drink because it makes me dizzy. But will try this to satisfy the curiosity 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Dems – I also have a friend who gets dizzy with sparkling water but you can recommend this to your friends, its better than cola

  11. Jamie Rose says

    All natural and delicious?! Alright! since I love eating ginger sweets, I will definitely try this one!

    1. melo says

      its really a must try @Jaymie:) see you guys soon!

  12. isay miranda says

    We need to have more choices especially to “ginger ale” category. So far Schweppes, is always on top of my mind. But I will surely try this new brand as an alternative and value for money too. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Isay – I already tried it with rum and it taste good:)

  13. Ka Bino says

    Melo pagpunta mo sa Cebu you need to bring a bottle or 2 for me..

    1. melo says

      @Ka Bino – Ill be in Cebu bukas pero diretso ako GENSAN… kita tayo pagbalik ko Cebu this tuesday

  14. Arlene says

    I’d love to try that. Just by reading your post, it makes me want to try myself. I’m not much a ginger ale fan because of the amoy ng ginger — but let me try this one. ^^

    1. melo says

      @Arlene, Im sure meron na nyan sa supermarket sa Iligan:)

  15. justine says

    this is good!! this is so much better than soda

    1. melo says

      @Justine – oo toxic masyado ang cola:)

  16. tina says

    Parang okay siya. I’ll have my husband try it hehe.

    1. melo says

      @Tina – You will surely like it:) San ka na naka base?

  17. adventurousfeet says

    i wanna try it. I love healthy stuffs and knowing may ginger beverage na, ooh la la! mukhang maganda syang alternative sa softdrinks 🙂

    1. melo says

      @adventrousfeet – masarap na healthy pa!

  18. Jennylind says

    hmmm…taste good while reading…where can i have one here in Bacolod?

    1. melo says

      @Jennylind:) Im sure its already in the supermarket:)

  19. KAILE says

    Itching to try one of these soon. Hope I can find them here at cebu. 😀

    1. melo says

      @Kaile – I believe available na sya sa mga major supermarket sa Cebu

  20. Andreau says

    This is so weird, yet so good. I’m confused. (Found out about this from KaBino, so thanks! And I asked HIM to buy it for me..;-))

    1. melo says

      @Andreau – I’ll wait till you taste it hehe

  21. melo says

    @KC – will check tom pag dating ko sa cEbu hehe

  22. manilyn says

    na try ko na to sa Australia… sarap sya at sikat na sikat ito dun!

    1. melo says

      @Manilyn – ikaw na!!!!

  23. terence says

    Dude your post is all over the internet… ive been seeing so many people sharing your post! Whats up with this? Im truly intrigued with this Roots Ginger Brew!

    1. melo says

      @Terence – hahaha thanks to all my friends for the support.. will tell you why later:)

  24. Elena Bovich says

    thanks for the dinner:) and thanks for letting me taste Roots Ginger Brew…. I love the fact that its available here in Cebu:)

    See you soon, I miss you na agad:)

    1. melo says

      @Elena – see you again, i told you i found my new favorite drink:)

  25. Rich Quintero says

    so eager to taste it!

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