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Road trips are definitely more fun in the Philippines!

More often than not, the journey makes for a memorable and fun part of any trip. It’s the bumpy rides, the unexpected detours and unusual sightings, and the interesting people one meets along the way that make the travel tales more thrilling. For any tourist who wants to truly know why it’s more fun in the Philippines, going on a road trip may just give that genuine Pinoy experience. While tourists flock to the Philippines for its wondrous destinations, travelers on a road trip are bound to find more endearing qualities about the Philippines along the way.

Road Trips are More Fun in the Philippines
Road Trips are More Fun in the Philippines

From buses to jeepneys, tricycles and pedicabs, the country’s roads and highways teem with amusing subjects that are distinctly and uniquely Filipino — from the sights and sounds of the bustling city streets to the quiet charm of provincial life. The experience of attending a colorful fiesta to immerse in local culture, for example, becomes more authentic when you ride a jeepney or even a kalesa filled with friendly locals. So does driving to the countryside with vantage views of the mountains, green rice fields, stunning beaches, and making an occasional stopover to get a closer preview of each town’s way of life.

And who says that it’s a hassle to travel around an archipelago that is made up of more than 7,100 islands? Island-hopping on a bus or public transport is another exhilarating way to explore the Philippines with numerous companies offering transportation from Metro Manila to different parts of the country via ferries. And regardless of your port of departure, you will surely be greeted by friendly people who are more than eager to give you a helping hand – either offering help in carrying your baggage or giving unsolicited yet helpful tips on where to go and what to do.

And of course, one of the best parts of a long road trip, whether driving or commuting, is getting a taste of the food as you go along. Traveling in the Philippines is not complete without food tripping, and finding a place to stop by for favorite Filipino fares will not be a problem when traveling on the road. From the roadside eateries offering the local town’s delicacies, to visiting any of the Jollibee stores nationwide serving western food suited to the Pinoy palate, one will never fall short of satisfying their cravings.

So whether you’re Filipino or a first-time visitor to the Philippines, you can definitely learn more about the country’s wonderful culture and amazing offerings by going on a fun and exciting road trip.

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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