Revisiting White Island in Camiguin after 9 years

Its really nice to look back at some of the places that you’ve been to! – I told Chele – our SuperMom in the group. It was almost lunch time when we arrived at Paras Beach Resort where we had our lunch. The place has changed a lot from the last time I was there about 9 years ago.

White Island in Camiguin by Stephen Currington
White Island in Camiguin by Stephen Currington

I spent couple of minutes describing how the place looks like 9 years ago and before everyone got bored:), we were finally invited to occupy the long table for our lunch.

Camiguin Circa 2004
Camiguin Circa 2004 with Dennis Mallari and Veejay Villafranca

After eating a delicious lunch, we headed to the boat terminal which is few steps away from the resort.

Few meters from the shore
Few meters away from the shore

As we motored away from shore, the green volcanic terrain behind the boat terminal becomes more wider and beautiful from afar. The nostalgic feeling was suddenly replaced by excitement as our boat moves closer to the island and in less than 10 minutes, we finally reached the shore. Other than the vendors, we were the only group in the island when we arrived. It was until after an hour when several group came but they stayed on the other side of the island so literally had the beautiful stretch of the beach to ourselves.

Crystal Clear waters of White Island
Crystal Clear waters of White Island

Did you know?

White Island has been voted as one of the Top 10 International Beaches by UK-based Essential Travel Magazine.

James Journeying around the island
James Journeying around the island

About the Island

White Island in Camiguin is a sandbar that is uninhabited and gets lost in the sea during high tides. The geographical location is 1.4 km away from the Mambajao northern shore in Camiguin Island. It is accessed from Brgy. Yumbing or Brgy. Agoho.

Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Hibok-Hibok are at the backdrop of the island. The island is C-shaped and it is also known as Medan Island. The shape makes the picturesque island the ideal place for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the sunset and sunrise over Camiguin Island.

Refreshment Booths
Refreshment Booths

The White Island is completely covered in sand. There are no trees or any shade on the island that gives off some shadow or any protection from the sun except from some small stores that sells food and refreshments. These small stores are also offering Beach mats, beach umbrellas and tables for rent for those wants to keep away from the direct sunlight.

Sea Urchin Anyone?
Sea Urchin Anyone?

The short boat trip to the island is very popular among local tourists who visit Camiguin on public holidays and weekends. In order to avoid the hot sun, the local tourists do not visit the place at noon and prefer early morning and evening. The current at the island sometimes seems to be very strong. The island of Leyte and the island of Bohol can be seen visibly when the weather is clear.

Melo Villareal in White Island
Melo Villareal in White Island

The rapid change between the high tide and the low tide imparts an amazing feeling to the visitors. After the low tide, the island shrinks for the next 6 hours but it won’t disappear completely. The tourists can visit the island either on motorized bancas or fishing boats that can be rented at the Yumbing boat terminal. Life vests and snorkel set are also available for rent at the boat terminal.

Another Groupie Shot
Another Groupie Shot (photo by Marj)

This huge sandbar is engulfed between colorful coral reef and a huge forest of “Black Coral”. The bancas to the island is capable of accommodating 6 to 8 people at a time. The best time to visit the island is when the sun rises on the horizon early in the morning. The white sand of the island does not support any vegetation or trees and no permanent manmade structures have been built on the island. If you are lucky, you will meet locals that sells sea urchins that is considered as a local delicacy.

Group Shot
Group Shot by Ferdz Decena

If you are planning for a sunny holiday in an isolated island with crystal clear water, golden white sand and fantastic spot for snorkeling activities then Camiguin is the place to be. My recent visit was well worth it and I look forward to returning again.

Pinoy Bloggers Wacky Shot in White Island
Pinoy Bloggers Wacky Shot in White Island by Ferdz Decena

The Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific Air is the only airline offering direct flights to Camiguin. It operates flights from Cebu to Camiguin every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, for as low as P588. For the latest seat sales and promos, go to, call (02)7020-888 or check Cebu Pacific Air’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cebu Pacific Air is looking for five teams of three university students each, who are raring to go on the 2013 Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. Video entries may be sent from June 14 to July 29, 2013, and the top five teams will get to go on a week-long all expenses paid trip to six Philippine destinations. Visit or Cebu Pacific Air’s official Facebook and Twitter pages for more challenge details.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge is co-presented by Sun Cellular and the Department of Tourism, and supported by Canon and Wenger.

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    Hoping to go back to Camiguin next year too! I have not seen that refreshments booth not so long ago..yeahp, some things really did change!

    Safe Travels always sir melo! =)

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