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We love Glamping!

What is difference between camping and glamping?

Experience Glamping

Why do we love glamping?

Over the last few summers, glamping has swept the United Kingdom. In fact, it’s now even possible to have a glamping-themed wedding. But why has this funky way to camp become so popular? More to the point, what is glamping anyway?

Experience Glamping
Experience Glamping

Essentially, glamping is high-class, luxury camping. Think stone-fired picnics, not barbeques, champagne lunches, not soggy sandwiches, and proper bedding, rather than sleeping bags! It is technically camping, but we do it with style!

Between 2010 and 2011, the number of people traveling abroad from the UK dropped by 7%. People have been searching for ways to be economical with how they spend their holidays, and glamping seems to have provided the perfect alternative. By getting creative with your holidays, it’s easy to save money and have a great time. Whether staying in beautifully bohemian woodland cottages or creating your own slice of eclectic heaven, this guide will help navigate you through a fabulous world of glamping.

Where to go

You may be surprised to find out that there are ‘glampsites’ all over England, Wales, and Scotland. You can hire a vintage American Winnebago or simply pitch your stylish Teepee, which you can buy from Boutique Camping if you are still in the market for one, in stunning surroundings. There are loads of websites to stock up on all your glamping necessities, bunting, lanterns, and small comfortable furniture.

This cool little book, Glamping Getaways, will help you decide which site would be right for you. Want to experience something new? How about trying a night in a yurt. A yurt is an Asian-inspired wooden hut adapted to the British climate. You can search for your nearest yurt, cottage, or glamping site at GlampingUK.

A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot
A Unique Dome Tent Experience at Lake Lumot

What to bring

Regardless of where you are staying, take food on your glamping holiday. It can be as flamboyant or as minimalist as you like. It’s all down to taste. Use it well if you are staying on a glampsite with its own cooking facilities, like a communal outdoor oven or a fire pit. You can find a list of all things culinary and glamping related at The Happy Glamper blog.

It’s important to take things that will make your tent and surrounding area look stunning. Since you probably are in an area of natural beauty anyway, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Some battery-powered fairy lights, vintage bunting, and a nice big throw for those nights by the fire will be enough. You can buy all sorts to make it look even more fabulous, but keeping things simple is an excellent way to start.

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