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Date Received: November 2, 2012

Our first Postcard Monday post features Erotic wood carvings on “Tudal” in the temple of Lord Shiva, Kathmandu Durbar Square. I love wood carvings and oriental masks and this photo makes me want to book a ticket to Kathmandu asap to see more of these artifacts.

Postcard from Nepal
Postcard from Nepal

Erotic wood carvings are commonly seen engraved throughout the support beams of many Hindu temples in the Kathmandu valley. Also popularly known as “Tunala”, local people believes that adding erotic artworks is one of the way to protect the Holy temple from natural Disaster.

Postcard from Ron and Monette
Postcard from Ron and Monette

Like me, you maybe asking why do they have these erotic wood carvings inside sacred temples? Its puzzling, intriguing and definitely worth researching… I will let you know when I already have the simplest answer or maybe I’ll make a separate post about it after my Nepal Trip:)

Thanks again to Ron and Monette for this wonderful Postcard!

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What’s this Postcard Monday? Every Monday, I will be posting and featuring postcards I got from my friends, readers and fellow travel bloggers. As you can see, my address was posted in one of the photos above. Please feel free to send one:)

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