Pinoy Blogging Community Supports Krem-Top’s #ChangefortheBetter Campaign

With only a few more weeks before 2014 ends, a lot of people are now starting to jot down their annual list of New Year’s resolutions. Have you started doing yours? If you haven’t, try doing so as soon as you can. Remember, the New Year is a symbol of renewed hope as well as new beginnings, new chapters and new reasons to do better – to be a better version of yourself. This very notion inspired Krem-Top, a popular coffee creamer brand, to launch a new campaign that aims to challenge individuals to improve themselves. This campaign is dubbed appropriately as “Change for the Better”, which started in 2012.

Pinoy Bloggers supports #ChangefortheBetter Campaign
Pinoy Bloggers supports #ChangefortheBetter Campaign

The Change for the Better campaign is a call to action for individuals to aim and to strive hard to become better people, not only at the turn of the year, but throughout the entire year and even beyond. From being a personal call to change, the Change for the Better campaign has become a nationalistic mission to encourage the entire nation to strive for change as the Filipino spirit has been put to the test after two major calamities struck the country late last year. Krem Top’s Change for the Better campaign reminds us of the old traits that could improve the country for the better if rekindled. This comes from the idea that even small changes can have a huge impact on someone’s life or a whole community if put together. These very same values, which are natural to us, will remind us of our identity, strengthening the nation.

With my #?BidaChanger and #?Matatag Buddies at the #?ChangeForTheBetter event (courtesy of @chuckiedreyfus)

With the guidance of renowned phenomenological sociologist Dr. Mina Ramirez, Krem Tops’ Change for the Better campaign identifies the Five Core Values that define the Filipino people. These core values are what make the Filipinos different and stand out from the rest of the world. these important traits also help in building a nation.

Dr. Mina Ramirez
Dr. Mina Ramirez sharing her thoughts about amazing Filipino Values

Based on Dr. Ramirez’s study “The Filipino Worldview and Values” and her insights from her practice as phenomenological sociologist for decades, the Five Core Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino are as follows:


Based on the Filipinos’ aspiration for “Pamumuhay” (Life) and “Pananalig sa Diyos at Kapwa” (Faith in God and people), it shows how the Philippine people know how to enjoy life and be thankful. This is evidenced by the number of holidays, feasts, occasions and reunions that Filipinos have. Filipinos love to connect to people as they are a cheerful, naturally social and happy race. In fact, we smile even in depressing situations. This is because we are the kind of people who always know to look at the bright side of life. This is why we are mostly positive and find things that we should be thankful for, no matter how trivial they may be. We would always say, “Salamat sa Diyos” (Thank God) whenever we find something good out of a situation, no matter the religion, and attribute life’s blessings to the Holy Father. Furthermore, we always appreciate the good deeds that people do to us and we try our best to return the favor in any way we can.

change for the better
Lets All #ChangefortheBetter this 2015


Since the beginning, the Philippines has always been prone to natural disasters, from supertyphoons to major earthquakes. But the Filipinos have learned to be stronger as the years passed by and as calamities seem to become worse, especially recently. No storm can falter us – we remain firm in our faith in God and we continue to fight because of our loved ones and our dreams to be strong for. Clearly, our love for our families and for God are where we draw our profound strength from. This is based on our aspiration for “Kaayusa” or order, which is why we have this famous expression “Ayos na” whenever we get through difficulties. Because the Filipino people long for order, we will endure everything and be strong despite all the challenges that come our way.

Pinoy on #Masigasig mode during the fun quiz
Pinoy on #Masigasig mode during the fun quiz


Filipinos are hard-working individuals who are willing to do everything to reach for our dreams. This is based on our aspiration for “Kasaganaan” (Abundance) and “Ginhawa” (Relief). A Filipino wishes for abundance and relief from hardships not only for himself, but most importantly his family. In the Philippines, our version of a Happy New Year is Masaganang Bagong Taon (Bountiful New Year) because we consider abundance is a cause for happiness and celebration. The word “Ginhawa” in Filipino means a lot of things. In Bisaya, it means “breath”. The smooth flow of breath is also the smooth flow of life. According to lay theologian Dr. Jose de Mesa, “Ginhawa” is the feeling of well-being. An example of this would be the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who endure years of being alone in a foreign country just to give their families a taste of abundance, of a good life and of a relief from hardships.


It is our love for our families as well as our friends, neighbors and even stranger that we have become naturally compassionate. And this is what allows us to help others without asking for anything in return. Our aspirations for “Loob at Damdamin” and “Kapwa” (Other people) are what our being compassionate is based on, as explained in Dr. Mina’s “The Filipino Worldview and Values”. Loob is the seat of the Filipinos’ dignity and so his personhood is manifested in his “kalooban”. And by checking up on one another and chatting about life, we tune in each other’s “kalooban”. In other words, we reach out to others, to our “kapwa”, which refers not only to a stranger, but also to a relative, a next-door neighbor or a friend. Thus, our “mapagmalasakit” trait makes it easy for us to be champions of the Bayanihan spirit, which is what unites the Filipino people in times of calamities and difficulties and what allows us to celebrate together on special occasions.

Jim sharing his thoughts about some of the Uniquely Pinoy Values that we should be proud of
Jim sharing his thoughts about some of the Uniquely Pinoy Values that we should be proud of


Filipinos use the words “po” and “opo” as well as the practice of “pagmamano” (kissing of the hand) are our distinct ways of showing respect not only to our parents but also to other people, especially the elderly. Generally, we are a polite nation. In fact, our language itself shows respect for everything as we do not have any gender bias. The word “kapatid” for example, does not refer to any gender. Similarly, the words “asawa” (husband/wife), “biyenan” (father-in-law/mother-in-law) and “anak” (son/daughter) do not refer to a specific gender. Our respect for other people is naturally embedded in us, in our culture as well as our language. This is based on our aspiration for “lakas ng loob” or “kagandahan ng loob”. The “Malakas and Maganda” story is a Filipino creation that tells the story of how the Filipino man and woman sprang from the bamboo when they were created. The man bowed to the woman, and then they held hands and went off together. “This is a very non-sexist indigenous version of the creation story,” according to Dr. Ramirez.

Dr. Mina Ramirez said, “If you want to get to know the Filipino, learn the language. Most of our values are deeply rooted in how we express ourselves. The Five Core Filipino Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino are in a Filipino language because there are no direct translations of these traits. The words are unique to us. Understanding these traits would mean dissecting the soul of a Filipino.”

Mapagpasalamat mode
Bloggers on #Mapagpasalamat mode

“Filipinos may be hard pressed at times, but in general, we are rich. We are rich in natural resources; we are rich in our people. If we can just get to know more ourselves clearly and use our values to our advantage, we will become a better nation. It’s time to change for the better,” said Dr. Ramirez.

Singer, songwriter, blogger and photographer Jim Paredes said value for family is one of the reasons why whatever happens, we love and are proud to be Filipinos, as he shares his insights on what unique Filipino values we should be really proud of.

Blen Fernando, Alaska Milk Corporation’s Vice President for Marketing and Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign lead, is optimistic of the positive outcome of the project and that it will help spread awareness about the need to keep, enrich or restore the core values of the Filipino people. He said, “We hope that Krem-Top’s Change for the Better campaign will inspire us to be the better version of ourselves for the benefit of our families and our country. The public can count on our continued support to champion the Filipino spirit that will help make us a better and stronger nation.”

For more information about Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign, visit or follow @kremtopPH on Twitter.

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