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Philippine Airlines new TV Ad to bring Philippines closer to Traveler

Philippine Airlines new TV Ad Music Video by Sarah, Bamboo and Lea Salonga photo via Twitter

Philippine Airlines to launch 3 new TV ads this year; 3 iconic artists take part

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is set to launch a new campaign in line with its 75th anniversary. Philippine Airlines, which has been operating for more than seven decades, will launch the new campaign, entitled “The Heart of the Filipino”, this year.

Philippine Airlines new TV Ad Music Video by Sarah, Bamboo and Lea Salonga photo via Twitter
Philippine Airlines new TV Ad Music Video by Sarah, Bamboo and Lea Salonga photo via Twitter

“The Heart of the Filipino” campaign will feature three commercials, which was sung by iconic Filipino musical artists Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo, and Lea Salonga.

The set launching of the new campaign was made possible with the multi-awarded advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather Philippines. The campaign aims to show the milestones of PAL, and its success in maintaining “The Heart of the Filipino”, values, tradition, and culture.

Philippine Airlines has excelled and succeeded because we have the Heart of the Filipino that always shines through,” PAL Vice President for Marketing Ria Domingo said.

Philippine Airlines Business Class
Philippine Airlines Business Class

The campaign will portray undying Filipino values—love and friendliness, hospitality, generosity, warmth, and resilience—the very same values that Philippine Airlines have instilled for over seven decades of its operation. The campaign will also showcase the culture and the beauty of the Philippine Islands.

“As you journey through life in the years to come, we commit to bringing the best of the Philippines and the best of the Filipino to you — the friendliness of our people and our waterproof spirit, the beauty of our islands, the splendor of our sunsets, the wonderful variety of our delicious cuisines, the richness of our history and culture and the fun in our everyday life,” Domingo explained.

The first television ad will revolve around the theme “The Heart of the Filipino”, and show the Filipino values as instilled by PAL through the years of its operation.

The second television ad will show the beauty of the Philippines, its culture, tourist destinations, cuisines, and more.

Meanwhile, the third commercial will showcase cities from all over the world where PAL offers flights to.

All three commercials will portray the beauty of the Philippines, the Filipino culture, and the tradition that PAL has maintained for 75 years and counting.

PAL expects to reach more milestones with its 75th anniversary

Philippine Airlines began in Baguio City in 1941, with only five passengers. Today, Philippine Airlines offers daily flights and carries over 12 million passengers annually across the globe, transporting not only people, but also reuniting loved ones and sharing Filipino values to the world. PAL has soared higher from its humble beginnings in the City of Pines.

“As the national carrier flying the flag of the Republic, PAL occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of Filipinos around the world,” PAL Chairman Lucio Tan said in a statement. “But beyond its iconic status, PAL is one of the true pillars of the Philippine economy.”

With 75 years of service and counting, Philippine Airlines expects to reach more milestones. “With a ready smile, unmatched hospitality, and service with a heart, PAL continues to be a true embodiment of the Filipino heart and spirit, effectively trumpeting to the world what Filipinos are made of,” a PAL-released statement concluded.


Written by Melo Villareal

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