JOMALIG ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE 2021: DIY Trip Expenses, Itinerary, and More

Budget Travel Guide to Jomalig Island for First-time Travelers

Sitio Pitisan Beach photo courtesy of Jomalig Quezon FB Page

2021 Ultimate Jomalig Travel Guide 

If there’s one place that I could recommend to the Survivor Series Reality TV Show team right now, it would be the beautiful Jomalig Island in Quezon, Philippines.

Map of Quezon Province with Jomalig Island highlighted by Mike Gonzales via Wikipedia CC
Map of Quezon Province with Jomalig Island highlighted by Mike Gonzales via Wikipedia CC

Together with fellow travel bloggers, a TV Crew, and staff from the Quezon Provincial Tourism Office, we visited one of the smallest towns in Quezon: Jomalig.

Located in the eastern part of the Polilio Island Group and boasting a population of 7,417, Jomalig Island is a must for everyone’s bucket list. The island is a former barrio of Pollilo, Quezon, and its name came from the word “Humalik,” meaning kisses, and later became Jomalig. This municipality’s inhabitants originate from different ethnic groups similar to those of Eastern Samar, Bohol, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Camarines Sur, and Camarines Norte and mostly from Quezon Province.

Being a freelancer and free from an 8 hour of routine tasks, I’m blessed with so much time to explore and rediscover some of the country’s road less traveled destinations.

Jomalig Island Hidden Beaches
Jomalig Island Hidden Beaches
Summer Vacation in Jomalig Quezon
Summer Vacation in Jomalig Quezon
Jomalig Island in Quezon Province
Jomalig Island in Quezon Province

In this Jomalig Travel Guide Blog, we’ll give you a list of important tips on how to get there, including DIY budget travel tips to this Paradise Island. We also included a list of things to do and see, a travel itinerary, budget breakdown, where to eat, money-saving tips, best hotels to stay, etc.

Google Map of Jomalig

How to get to Jomalig Island

By Air:

Jomalig has an airstrip, so if you have the resources, you can get a chartered plane or a helicopter and reach the island less than 40 minutes from Manila.

Land and Sea:

There are three options to get there by boat. You can take a passenger boat from Real, Atimonan, or rent a boat in Panganiban in Camarines Norte. If you are coming from Manila, the nearest port of entry will be in Real Quezon.

Via Real, Quezon

To reach Real Quezon, you can take an Infanta bound bus in Legarda Manila or look for a Van that follows the same route. An Aircon Bus fare is at around P220 and takes four to five hours to reach Real Quezon.

Raymond Transport
Telephone: (02) 733 9380
Address: 246 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Once in Real, Quezon, hire a rickshaw (tricycle-taxi) and tell the driver to bring you to Ungos Port (not Puerto Real). You can contact the boat dispatcher via Mobile 0948-3884896 to confirm the boat schedule.

A boat ride costs P400 per person one way with daily trips at 5:00AM, 7:00AM, and 10:00AM. The fare includes a simple meal freshly cooked by the boat crew. If you are lucky, you can catch the Sea Ambulance—the town’s official boat, which only charges P250 per way, but with no meal included. There’s also a P10 terminal fee at the Ungos port.

Daily Boat trip Schedule to Jomalig from Real Ungos Port (Vice Versa)

  • First Trip – 5am
  • Second Trip – 7am
  • Last Trip – 10am

Jomalig Boat Rates

  • Rates: P400
  • Travel time is approximately 4 – 6 hours

Jomalig Passenger Boat Contact Numbers:

  • Iris Joy (80 capacity) 0950-2515690
  • Jovelle2 (50 capacity) 0998-4289244
  • LJ Kate (80 Capacity) 0919-6520168
  • Jade (80 Capacity) 0910-6646308
  • Rabijaja (50 Capacity) 0939-9034275
  • Nicole and Mark (80 Capacity) 0907-7529268
  • Maribeth c/o Kuya Jojo (40 Capacity) 0939-9034275
  • Chow (80 Capacity) 0929-2580824
  • Yana (25 Capacity) 0918-3694430
  • Kuya Chito (small boat captain) – 0918-6099822
  • Kuya Joel (big boat captain) – 0947-4250594

Once you reach Jomalig, you need to register at the port and pay P170 (approx $3.20).

Beach in Jomalig - Budget Travel Guide photo by Dave Chua
Beach in Jomalig – Budget Travel Guide photo by Dave Chua
Travel Guide to Jomalig photo by Dave Chua
Travel Guide to Jomalig photo by Dave Chua
Low Tide in Jomalig by Dave Chua
Low Tide in Jomalig by Dave Chua
Via Atimonan
  • Take public bus transport from Manila to Atimonan Quezon. You can go to bus terminals in Cubao, Pasay, and Buendia. Travel time is about 4 hours.
  • Once you reach Atimonan, take a tricycle to the old Atimonan Port.
  • There’s no fixed schedule for this route. Just ask the locals at the port about the boat schedule. The boat trip takes about 6-7 hours.
Via Panganiban, Camarines Sur
  • Take a public bus transport from Manila to Daet, Camsur then gets off at Talobatib Junction in Labo. Travel Time is about 6-7 hours.
  • From the Junction, take another bus ride to Panganiban. Travel Time is about One hour and a half.
  • Once in Panganiban, Ask the locals about the boat schedule to Jomalig.

*I don’t really recommend this route since the boat trip schedule is quite irregular.

Getting Around Jomalig Island

Transportation on the island is only by a tricycle or habal-habal. If you want to explore different islands in Jomalig, some local fishermen’s boats are available for rent.

The small boats are normally rented for only P2,000, while the medium-sized boats are usually rented for P4,000 for a whole day of island hopping.

Melo Villareal in Manlanat Island
Melo Villareal in Manlanat Island

Places to Visit in Jomalig Island

Salibungot Beach

Located in Sitio Burungawan, Salibungot Beach is probably one of the most beautiful beachfront areas on the island. The area has a wide shoreline and is surrounded by Agoho Pine Trees, much like in Anawangin Cove.

Beaches in Jomalig Island
Beaches in Jomalig Island

Manlanat Islet

After our short stop at Salibungot Beach, we visited Manlanat Islet, a rocky island perfect for hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching. The island was absolutely picturesque; in fact, most of us paused to take photos on different parts of the island, snapping pictures of birds nests and resting snakes. After our challenging hike on Manlanat Island, it was finally time for our beach escape.

Jomalig Island Travel Itinerary
Jomalig Island Travel Itinerary

Kanaway Island

We visited Kanaway Island, which is quite near Manlanat. The island has a narrow shoreline, but a beautiful calm beach covered with rock formations and natural Bonsai trees awaits you if you explore the other side of the beach.

The Secret Beach in Kanaway Island
The Secret Beach in Kanaway Island

Kanaway Island also has two caves to explore, but be very careful, as these caves are guarded by friendly but dangerous snakes. Unfortunately, we could not stay on the island for long since it was already late in the afternoon. We dropped by Sitio Apad to buy fresh lobsters and a local fish called surahan for our breakfast the next day.

When we got there, we were swarmed by kids like there was no tomorrow; I didn’t expect there to be so many in the tiny Barangay. We enjoyed watching them flipping, diving, and doing their water stunts until we left the area.

Island Life in Jomalig
Island Life in Jomalig

It was getting dark when we left Sitio Apad. We felt like we were on a luxurious sunset cruise as we headed back to the town center. It was already dark when we arrived at the mayor’s house. There we shared stories as if we hadn’t been together during the entire trip—that’s how exhilarating the adventure was.

Beautiful Beach in Quezon Province
Beautiful Beach in Quezon Province

Visit the Mangrove Area

Our third day on the island was free and easy. It was Jomalig Island’s town fiesta, and while everyone was busy, we decided to walk around the nearby mangroves and beach area for yet another adventure. It took us more or less 20 minutes to reach the mangrove area from the town center. Unfortunately, it was low tide when we arrived, and boating near the mangroves was not possible.

Mangrove Area and Bigwangan Beach
Mangrove Area and Bigwangan Beach

Bigwangan River

We crossed two small, muddy rivers and challenging trails and headed to Bigwangan River, a 30-minute walk from the mangrove area. We felt like our beach escapade was not yet complete, so we searched for a perfect beachfront nearby. We were so happy to stumble upon Bigwangan Beach, which is located just a few minutes from the mouth of the river. We left the beach with so much fulfillment and headed back to the town center to prepare for another adventure – Disco Night at the Town Plaza.

Adventure in Manlanat Island
Adventure in Manlanat Island

Sometimes I have second thoughts about whether I should really blog about places I visit, especially Jomalig. This may seem selfish, but I want the island to be just as lovely as it is now, undisturbed, as simple as it can be. I don’t want the island to become the next Boracay — an overdeveloped island we used to call a paradise (the resorts still do). But I understand that people need change, and the island needs sustainable development. There’s only one thing that can help them achieve it: tourism.

Swimming is More Fun in Jomalig
Swimming is More Fun in Jomalig

Mayor Tena seemed to know the key ingredients to put Jomalig Island on the tourism map. Still, he admitted that due to a lack of investors and funding, the beautiful island municipality is not ready for a huge tourist influx. But his motto—Kayang-Kaya basta’t Sama-Sama—makes everyone hopeful that the island will soon become progressive with everyone’s help.

The white sandy beaches are endless on the island. Although some beaches are covered with black polished rocks, most of the shores are perfect for all beach activities: swimming, camping, or even beach volleyball.

Town Fiesta in Jomalig
Town Fiesta in Jomalig

Reaching this island is not that easy for some, but it’s just a short and relaxing journey for island explorers like us. Being on the island and experiencing its wonders is more than just a discovery; it’s an unforgettable reward.

Other Things to do and See in Jomalig Island

  • Beach Camping and Picnic
  • Visit Sitio Burungawan
  • Visit Kanawai Twin Island
  • Watch the sunset at the beach.
  • Sunrise Watching at 6AM
  • Snorkeling and Fishing
  • Visit the Mangroves at Sitio Landing

Hotels and Resorts in Jomalig

Here is the list of hotels and resorts in Jomalig Island:

  • Tejada’s Resort: Aida Tejada (owner) 0907-5375234
  • Huts for Rent at Sitio Salibungot: Contact Lyra Pacheco – 0930-7968665
  • South Pacific Island Resort – Contact Thelma 0907-8285161
  • Jojomalig Beach Resort – Contact 09399034275
  • Bananas Beach Resort – Contact 0909 986 7482
  • Apples Beach Resort – Contact: 09106597361 SMART and 09157992954 GLOBE
Travel Guide to Jomalig Island photo via Jomalig Quezon FB
Travel Guide to Jomalig Island photo via Jomalig Quezon FB


Globe Telecom and Smart both have mobile phone signals, but Smart has better coverage.

The Survivors

The Survivors in Jomalig Island (From the top left: Melo, Kelly, Matty, Galwin, Mayor Tena, and Joanna)

Jomalig Tourism Contact Numbers

For Travel Deals and updates about Jomalig Island, you may contact Kelly Bautista of Quezon Province Tourism Office at 0922 949 1145 or Ms. Malou, the – Tourism Information Officer of the town of Jomalig 0929 957 3655.

But there is much more to a short vacation in Jomalig Island than pristine white sand beaches; there’s an endless adventure waiting for you to discover. For a magical getaway, Jomalig in Quezon is the perfect destination.

Sitio Pitisan Beach photo courtesy of Jomalig Quezon FB Page
Sitio Pitisan Beach photo courtesy of Jomalig Quezon FB Page

With its unspoiled beaches, creamy golden yellow colored sand, tropical setting, and wonderful people, the Island has all it takes to become one of its best tourist destinations. The island is just waiting for a huge break and responsible investors to make Jomalig the next destination on everyone’s “bucket list.”

Jomalig Island Travel Tips

  • Electricity on the island is diesel-powered and is available only from 6 PM to 2 AM.
  • Always bring a first aid kit and make sure to bring your prescription medication (if any). There is no drug store on the island that sells prescription medication.
  • Visit the island with a larger group so you can divide the cost of boat rentals and other expenses, like accommodation and inland transportation.
  • Jomaligins (the term for the locals of Jomalig) are very hospitable. Most of them are from Bicol, and some are descendants of the original Perez, Quezon settlers, whose own forefathers came all the way from Mauban, Quezon (a town on the mainland of Luzon).

Where to park near Ungos Port in Real Quezon?

There are no parking spaces near the port but if you ask around the locals, some of them can suggest a parking area and look after your car for a fee.

*We will update this Jomalig Island Travel Guide once we get new info about boat rentals, accommodation, travel packages, etc.

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