Travel Gadgets: RHA MA600i Noise-isolating In-ear Headphone with Remote and Microphone

Pros: Provides the best sound quality and effectual noise-isolation feature

Cons: Structure of the ear-bud is complex. In-line remote does not incorporate with Android.

Headphones are used by a large number of travelers for different purposes such as listening music, watching movies, making phone calls etc. Most of the travelers consider in-ear headsets as one of the most important travel gadget for them. Do you want to procure the best in-ear headphone for your upcoming trip? Then, without wasting your time on browsing other in-ear head-speakers, read this simple review to know more about this new RHA MA600i noise-isolating in-ear headphone.

RHA MA600i In-ear Headphone
RHA MA600i In-ear Headphone

In-ear headset is a type of accessory that fits in the ear. The earplugs of this headphone are made up of foam, elastomer and silicon rubber. Many of us recognize this in-ear headphone in the name of “ear-bud” or “ear-phone”. RHA MA600i noise-isolating in-ear headphone is a name that is acknowledged as the vital tour gadget of any travel kit. The customers can get this outstanding product in most electronic gadget outlet in the Metro.

Key Attributes of RHA MA600i Ear-bud Headphone

• Aircraft-grade aluminum is the significant feature of this headphone which makes it the best among the others.
• It is available in the market in a first-class stainless steel made carry case.
• The headphone facilitates the punters to get handmade 560.1 driver that assists in presenting articulate sound reproduction quality.
• It is obtainable in the market with the feature of curved over-ear wire.
• Here, in this ear speaker, the purchasers are facilitated with microphone and 3-button remote.
• The cable of RHA MA600i ear-bud is available in oxygen free copper material.

RHA MA600i Noise-isolating Headphone
RHA MA600i Noise-isolating Headphone (photo by GSMArena)

Stipulations of RHA MA600i In-ear Headphone

• The length of the cable is 1.35m with dual-insulated and OFC qualities.
• The maximum power of this ear-phone is 1/5mW
• Its impedance attribute is 160 hms.
• The drivers of this ear-bud are 320.1 dynamic.
• The connecting device of this headphone is gold plated with the measurement of 3.5mm.
• Its weight is 20g.
• The sensitivity quality of RHA MA600i noise-isolating in-ear headphone is 100dB.
• The frequency range is 16-22,000 OHZ.

Benefits of RHA MA600i In-ear Headphone

A RHA MA 600i in-ear headset is available in lavishly packed box that first grabs the attention of a large number of shoppers towards it. The build-quality of the ear-phone is the primary impressive feature. Whenever the punters open the box and take out this in-ear headphone from it, they get to see its surface which is made up of stainless steel. The ear parts of this earphone are separately machined. The heavyweight jack and the “oxygen-free” wires make it the preeminent in-ear travel gadget.

RHA MA600i Noise-isolating In-ear Headphone
RHA MA600i Noise-isolating In-ear Headphone

Benefits the travelers must note:

• This ear-speaker proffers sound balanced quality with exclusive aerophonic design.
• The in-line remote and microphone qualities make this headset a perfect one for iPhone.
• The users can wear this RHA MA600i ear-bud in two different ways. You can wear it conventionally in the ear or you can loop the wire behind your ear or even over it.
• The punters can avail this earphone in eight different sized ear buds.
• Its ear tips are fabricated by the dual density silicone.

Verdict: Preeminent headphone for long journey. Perfect for a compact travel kit.

Therefore, if you are searching for a paramount in-ear headphone with outward features that will make your travel kit complete, then this RHA MA600i in-ear noise-isolating headphone is the perfect one for you. Moreover, it helps you to avoid the noise of the engines when you are in bus or in train. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy the product now from your nearest electronic gadget store.

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