Owning Luxury California Property from the Midwest

Many of us would love to live in a prime location, such as the coast of California. However, moving to a beautiful sunny oceanside location often just remains a pipe dream. Moving our families, losing our friends, and trying to find a great job in a different state, not to mention getting accustomed to a higher cost of living, keep us in the places that we’ve always been.

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However, you don’t have to move to enjoy a property in a beach environment or to avoid harsh winters – even if you live in the Midwest. Owning a timeshare, such as a Welk Timeshare, affords individuals an opportunity to own a piece of a luxurious property without having to deal with the high costs of full property ownership or moving across country. A few additional benefits to owning a timeshare include:

Lower Costs

Moving alone is expensive. One person moving a small load of things, in addition to a car, from St. Louis, Missouri to San Diego, California can expect to spend close to $2,000 on truck rental and gas alone. If you move a family, along with an entire house load of things, you can expect your price to double. When you buy a timeshare, you don’t have to worry about moving. All you need is already available at your property, and you only have to worry about transportation to and from.

Owning a timeshare is also cheaper than purchasing property because you don’t have to worry about a downpayment, a monthly mortgage, insurance, or property tax. You also aren’t responsible for property maintenance, repairs, or lawn care which can quickly add up to hundreds dollars. Plus, no one wants to spend their vacation time taking care of their vacation home. When you own a time share, you simply get to show up and enjoy.


Depending on your timeshare agreement, you may also be able to swap your timeshare for another. If you’re wanting to spice up your normal stay in San Diego, you may consider swapping it out for a stay in Cabo San Lucas. These kinds of trades still allow you to enjoy the predictability and luxury that you would normally have in your own timeshare simply in another location.

You don’t have to trade locations to enjoy the perks of trading either. If for whatever reason, your usual vacation time doesn’t work for you one year, you can always contact your timeshare company or other holders to see if they would be willing to swap time blocks. This is beneficial as it gives you a little more flexibility, and you don’t lose any money which you can potentially do if you have to cancel hotel reservations.

Exclusivity and Luxury

When many people think of a timeshare, they think of a condo on the outskirts of town with a small pool being the only amenity. While there certainly are timeshares that have this reputation, there are luxury timeshares, such as Welk Timeshares, which offer affordable exclusivity. Timeshares such as Welk Timeshares offer accommodations on golf courses, in the mountains, and resort-like, and they have amenities such as pools, tennis, golf, and spa services. For more information regarding luxury timeshares, check out this Welk Timeshare review.

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Owning a luxury timeshare doesn’t require you to drop everything and move across country. It allows individuals, no matter where they live, the opportunity to live as they want without completely upheaving their lifestyles. If you’re considering purchasing property in a prime vacation area, look into timeshares first. You will find that you will get more for your money, and won’t have to work and worry to enjoy it.

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