Vacationing Over the Years: Things to Consider When Planning For Future Travel

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Things to Consider When Planning For Future Travel

Whether you enjoy traveling to different locations each year or you have a vacation spot that you enjoy visiting regularly, it’s important to think about your travel plans on a long-term basis. This way, you don’t end up overspending every time you leave town. Learn how to create a long-term travel plan for your family that will last you for years to come.

Planning For Future Travel
Planning For Future Travel

Make a Travel Bucket List

Your future vacation destinations determine your best travel options. For example, if you have a travel bucket list filled with locations that span the country, it might be worth it to invest in an RV. This way, you avoid paying for costly hotels and it’s easy to schedule long road trips.

Alternatively, if you have a vacation destination that you enjoy returning to regularly, you may want to purchase a timeshare to offset your vacation costs. Those who plan to do a lot of international travel should consider applying for credit card accounts that earn them airlines miles or other travel perks.

While making long-term travel plans can save you money in the long run, you also need to consider the consequences if your needs change. For example, getting rid of a timeshare or vacation home requires more than simply calling the company to say “cancel my timeshare.” You don’t need to keep a timeshare forever, but you do need to understand the legal process of canceling one before you buy.

Travel Bucket List
Travel Bucket List

Think About Your Travel Expectations

Someone vacationing at a prestigious beach resort won’t have the same experience as someone vacationing at the same beach who stays at a small local motel — but they also won’t have the same expenses. Your travel expectations determine the amount of money you need to allocate to travel each year. Obviously, if you plan to stay in upscale hotels and visit costly attractions on each trip, you would need to save more money before you go than someone who plans backpacking trips and stays in hostels. If you tend to travel on a tight budget but would enjoy taking an elaborate trip, creating a plan that allows you a few years to save for the trip makes the process a lot easier.

Consider Your Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies
Travel Buddies

Who you regularly travel with is just important as your vacation destination. If you regularly travel with your family, it’s important to consider your partner’s and children’s expectations when you’re creating a long-term travel plan in addition to your own. For example, if your bucket list includes visiting an iconic theme park in the future, consider your children’s age and interests when determining whether it’s the right time for the trip. You also need to consider whether you want to plan group trips with your friends, romantic trips with your partner, and/or a few solo trips throughout the year. You might find that it’s better for you to plan a couple of short trips and one week-long trip than it is for you to use two weeks of your vacation time at once. For example, instead of scheduling a long family vacation, shorten the trip a bit so you can plan a romantic weekend away or a solo shopping trip in the city later in the year.

Most people approach travel planning on a year-by-year basis or plan all of their trips on a whim. However, while planning spur-of-the-moment trips are sometimes fun, it’s just as important to make long-term plans for travel to make things such as saving money for more expensive trips a lot easier, especially if you prefer to take more lavish, costly vacations.

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