Condo Rental Hunting Tips for Expats in the Philippines

Luxurious Condo Amenities

Tips for Expats: Condo Rental Hunting in the Philippines

Condo rental is the hottest housing trend for expats in the Philippines as it provides them safety and luxurious living that rivals that of hotels at lower costs. Expats, especially those coming from Western countries, choose the Philippines for its beaches and tropical climate. Now they’re discovering the hidden perks of condo living only the Pearl of the Orient can offer.

Condo Rental Hunting
Condo Rental Hunting

However, not all condos in the Philippines are expat-friendly. You should know what to look for in a condo rental home or apartment. It is important to be fully aware of the factors needed when finding a condo rental in the Philippines. Read on and learn more about the expats’ guide to renting a condo in the Philippines:

The Location Dictates The Price

There’s a reason why “Location, Location, Location” is one of the most enduring real estate mantras. The location truly dictates the value of a property, be it commercial or residential. Make sure to keep this idea in mind when shopping around for the best condo rental locations in the metro. While an in-depth research on Philippines’ key metropolitan areas won’t hurt, it would be easier to remember that Pasay, Taguig, and Makati have the highest average condo unit prices, which easily translates to higher monthly rental fees.

Best Condo Location Manila
Best Condo Location Manila

Also, keep in mind that the prices are reasonable: Pasay is home to the Mall of Asia, the place that has virtually everything you need, and has world-class casinos like Solaire, Resorts World Manila, Midas, and City of Dreams. Both Taguig and Makati are major  business districts, thanks to the number of people these two cities employ.

Las Piñas, Parañaque, and Pasig offer the lowest average condo unit prices, which also translates to lower monthly rental fees. The condo unit you’re eyeing to rent should coincide with your main reason why you’re renting in the first place. If you’re looking for relatively “tamer” cities, these three are the best condo rental locations for foreigners. Otherwise, Pasay, Taguig, and Makati are solid choices. Whatever your needs are, there are certainly condo rental locations in the Philippines that’s perfect for you.

Look Into The Condo’s Amenities

Whenever foreigners and expatriates visit the Philippines and find themselves flipping through condo rental prices or negotiating with condo owners, they should ask themselves: is the price truly justifiable?

Luxurious Condo Amenities
Luxurious Condo Amenities

One sound way to answer this critical question is to look into the condo’s amenities. In the Philippines, you’ll pleasantly discover that condo units are starting to deliver convenience and luxury that was once exclusive only to hotels. That’s right. When renting condos in the Philippines, you’re getting all the fancy features of hotels at a significantly lower price. You can expect to see rooftop gardens and pools, gym, recreational centers, and even spa, as one of the many amenities condos in the Philippines have to offer.

With these information in mind, you can quickly and reliably determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth. The presence of hotel amenities, or the lack thereof, in a condo unit should heavily weigh in your dream condo rental search.

Check How Safe The Condo is

Whether you’re in the Philippines or living across the globe, it goes without saying that safety is paramount when it comes to searching for a condo unit to rent. How do you know if the condo unit you’re eyeing to rent is safe?

CCTV Security Cameras
CCTV Security Cameras

One way to ensure safety is to check whether the building complied with the safety requirements in the Philippines. Basic safety equipment like fire extinguisher should be brand new and in plain view with readable instructions attached. Fire exits should be easily accessible and the exit stairs should be wide enough for people to pass through in case of emergency. Generally, fire sprinklers in condo units and across the condo’s hallways means that the condo administration follows safety protocols. Aside from proper preparation against fires, also look into the structural integrity of the building and its ability to withstand high-magnitude earthquakes.

Aside from inspecting the building itself, make sure to look into incidents of crime around the area. It wouldn’t make sense to live in a disaster-prepared condo building when you’re vulnerable to criminals the moment you step out. There are two easy ways to do this: you can ask the people living around the area or research online. Filipinos are generally helpful and will immediately warn you against living in specific areas in light of potential danger. If you’re more inclined to determine your safety in a quantitative fashion, you can search online on the crime rate and the nature of crimes around the location you’re eyeing.

Last but not the least, inquire about the general security of the condo. Are there enough security personnel to thoroughly check each individual entering the premises, to check the parking lots, and other security issues that needs to be addressed? Does the building provide adequate room security and external lighting? These are some of the many safety questions you should ask yourself before renting.

Ensure That The Owner is Responsible, Available, and Transparent

It would be incredibly frustrating and stressful to live in a condo where the owner is constantly out of reach and nowhere to be seen, especially when you have issues that need to be addressed immediately like repairs. Don’t let problems like these became a cause of massive headaches in the long run, make sure the owner is responsible and reliable.

When negotiating for monthly rents, always secure contact information. Telephone number and cellphone number will do, but if you want to ensure you’re getting quick response, asking for their email or adding them to your  social network may get the job done.

Choosing a Condo Space Philippines
Choosing a Condo Space Philippines

So how do you know if the owner is transparent? One easy way to identify which owners are truthful is to wait for them to identify possible problems in  the unit that need repairs. Not every condo rental unit is perfect, especially if it’s been years since the unit was rented out. If the owner tends to gloss over everything while it’s apparent that there are problems, consider this a red flag.

Sometimes, you can easily verify an owner’s integrity online. Ask for their full name and run it up your favorite search engine. If the problems with the owners are severe enough, it will eventually spill out online. Never forget to exercise caution for your safety and convenience.

Contact Previous Renters

One of the best ways to learn more about the condo rental unit you’re eyeing is to contact previous renters. They’re the best people to ask since they have experienced firsthand what it’s like to live in the unit. This will incredibly help a lot in knowing what to expect and what to avoid.

You can ask the owner for contact details of previous renters, contact them and ask them helpful questions like the reason they left and how long they’ve stayed. If the owner won’t provide you contact information, consider that another major red flag. You can ask condo neighbors for the contact numbers of previous renters or ask the neighbors what they think of the particular condo unit and the building in general.

Whether you’re looking to rent short term or long term in the Philippines, looking up local condo rental guides should help you enjoy the perks and benefits of condo renting to the fullest. These tips should assist  you in getting the best condo rental deals in the Philippines without compromising safety, convenience, and enjoyment.

Condo rental is truly a booming business in the Philippines. You might not only enjoy the perks of condo living, you might even consider getting a unit as your investment in the Philippines as well.

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