No More Swimming in Hinatuan Enchanted River

Hinatuan Enchanted River

The Local Government of Hinatuan has announced effective immediately No More Swimming in Hinatuan Enchanted River

March 5, 2017 was the soft reopening of one of the famous tourist destinations here in the Philippines, the Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. But the Local Government of Hinatuan has announced an important notice during its reopening; it is effective and must be immediately followed by locals and tourists that there will be “No More Swimming in Enchanted River.”

The temporary closure of the Enchanted River started on January 9, 2017 and its original reopening date was on February 3, 2017. But the Local Government of Hinatuan decided its temporary closure had to be extended because of further restoration and maintenance actions and plans that needed more time to be fully successful, due to the unpredictable and inclement weather for the recent weeks.

Hinatuan Enchanted River
Hinatuan Enchanted River – By 2il org – Flickr: Enchanted River, CC BY 2.0

The moved reopening date had left quite a number of tourists and visitors very disappointed since a lot had planned to have trips and vacations in Hinatuan around the time of the original reopening date. Nevertheless, the people still understood that the river needs its break from the people to fully refresh itself.

The Local Government of Hinatuan, through its official Facebook page, announced on March 2, 2017, that the soft reopening will push through for March 5. But they included it their post to remind those who are planning to go there anytime soon that since it is only a phase of soft reopening, not all its regular facilities will be readily available and operational. Although facilities such Shower Areas, Comfort Rooms, Dining areas, Vendor stalls, Waiting area, Parking area and swimming area, will already be operational during the soft opening.

There were also other posts to remind those coming for a visit that the Hinatuan Enchanted River has to prohibit visitors from swimming there for the mean time for the sake of protecting and preserving the beauty of the river. People will only be allowed to take pictures and to view the river. The Local Government of Hinatuan explained that there were reports and researches done the Filipino Cave Divers (FCD) and some scientists that concluded that there is a possibility of endangering the ecosystem of the river for the reason of crowding and too much swimming activity done in the river. But the Local Government of Hinatuan still designated an area near the heart of the lagoon for those who do want to swim. It is 10 meters away from the main pool.
And the fish feeding schedule in the Enchanted River had also changed from 12 PM to 3 PM every day.

During the soft reopening, despite the ongoing work being done in the area, the people were still able to appreciate the Enchanted River. The people also understood the decision of the Local Government to prohibit swimming for the mean.

The Local Government of Hinatuan invites and encourages the locals, visitors, tourists, researchers, etc. to work hand in hand in preserving the stunning river so that other generations, not only this generation, would be able to see and appreciate the wonders of the Enchanted River.

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