Attending an EP-Release Concert in Osnabrück

I have seen how Osnabrück goes alive at night a few times. Last Christmas, Osnabrück was exceptional. Last February, Osnabrück was chilly at best but the bars and cafés were still bustling with visitors and noise. Last Friday, Osnabrück was even more bustling now that the warm weather has arrived.

concert poster
concert poster

So to start things off I decided to attend an EP Release party of an up-and-coming singer named Gabriel Zanetti. The keyboardist of his backing band is a friend my husband knows so we thought we’ll support him, too.

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Nightlife in Osnabrück: Arriving at the Scene

We arrived at a place called Lagerhalle. Lagerhalle is a cultural venue in the Altstadt of Osnabrück. It used to be a warehouse for a hardware company called Richter. Eventually, the company moved the contents of the warehouse in another part of the city and the warehouse was soon transformed into a socio-cultural venue, thanks to the initiative of the public. The warehouse was then converted into its present look in the 1970s. The Lagerhalle has played host to events such as European Media Art Festival, Independent Film Festival Osnabrück, and Festival of New Japanese Cinema.

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The Show Starts

The show was held in the attic (‘Spitzboden’) of the Lagerhalle. Upon entering, the whole room was almost filled to the brim with audience and fans. Thankfully we were able to find a table near the stage to get a better view of the performance.

The support act of the night was a guitarist named Peter Groesdonk. His guitar playing reminded me of those classical guitarists I used to watch as a child. He strummed and plucked with gusto, and his pieces were often catchy.

Peter Groesdonk
Peter Groesdonk

And then here comes the main act himself, Gabriel Zanetti. His first two songs featured a guy playing on a lap steel guitar. The steel guitar added some folksy-country feel to the songs.

Gabriel Zanetti start with lap steel guitar
Gabriel Zanetti start with lap steel guitar

In the photo above, Gabriel was singing the second song. The lap steel guitar player is to his right.

Gabriel Zanetti with accordion and upright bass players
Gabriel Zanetti with accordion and upright bass players

After a few songs, Gabriel’s band took a break. In came three new people with two of them holding some interesting musical instruments. One guy had an accordion, and the other guy had an actual upright bass (which is actually my favourite instrument). They played a remix of one of his songs. It was awesome to listen to music with such instruments. Sadly the played just one song. I was hoping they’d play some more, even a cover or two.

And then Peter Groesdonk came back on stage, accompanying Gabriel on a song.

Gabriel and Peter
Gabriel and Peter

After his guitar duet with Peter Groesdonk, Gabriel’s band returned on stage to play more songs.

Nightlife in Osnabrück Band returns on stage
Band returns on stage – Nightlife in Osnabrück

Gabriel’s songs were in English, so we were able to enjoy listening to them. The venue even gave us an acoustic experience because it was staged in an attic. The attic didn’t have an air-conditioning unit around it so people had to open the windows.

It was a lively night watching his Gabriel Zanetti and his band on stage, except for that one guy who stood in front of us because he was recording the whole show on his DSLR camera. So we left a tad bit early. We also realized that we might miss the 11pm bus home.

Maybe we’ll catch Gabriel and his band elsewhere soon.

If you happen to be in Osnabrück, make sure to check event pages to see if Lagerhalle has an event for you!

Lagerhalle Osnabrück
Rolandsmauer 26
49074 Osnabrück

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