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Nakanmuan Arc in Sabtang Island Batanes


Batanes is one of the most beautiful tourist destination of the Philippines and of special note in the white beach area is Sabtang Island. I’ve been to Sabtang Island four times already and each trip has a unique story that is worth sharing. To reach the island, you have to go first to Ivana port, the boat ride via Faluwa is nothing short of spectacular. Based from my past experiences, I think getting an early start while watching the sun rise will make your trip more easier since the waves are calmer.

Nakanmuan Arc in Sabtang Island
Nakanmuan Arc in Sabtang Island

A faluwa is an interesting kind of boat, because it is small and rides low in the water you would think that it would be unstable, but even without the bamboo outriggers you find in pump boats, they still manage to give you a sense of security. This is a good thing when you head out into the waters of the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean where waves are usually gigantic.

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White Sand Beach in Batanes
White Sand Beach in Batanes

Once you actually arrive at Sabtang Island, the place you need to go is the Nakanmuan Arc. This incredible natural stone formation sits on a white sand beach along the shores of Sabtang Island. The beautiful thing is that there are no restaurants and food stands nearby and the serenity of the place makes it one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet.

Afternoon in Nakanmuan Arc
Afternoon in Nakanmuan Arc

My suggestion is that once you are on Sabtang Island, you stay for a while. Make sure to contact a local to prepare food for you for a minimum fee and spend the night in a nipa hut and enjoy the sunset. Most of the tourists simply come out for the morning and leave in the afternoon since the boats stop running around 2:30 pm because of the tides.Once they leave, you can have the entire place to yourself, with the exception of the locals and the few other savvy travelers who stay with you.

Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab

What you’ll find is that the locals are carefree and peaceful and the food just gets better and better. If you’re really lucky, as I seem to be, you’ll find that live music and dancing will appear on the beach after the sun goes down.

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You’ll have a hard time believing that everything around you is real as you look at the amazing Nakanmuan Arc and eat tasty regional treats as the music comes to life around you. I know I did.



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  1. ang sabtang ba is in the same island as the airport?what about the stone houses are they also in sabtang?takot kasi ako sumakay sa bangka.hahaha.

  2. wow! beautiful! this’ll be a perfect island to unwind and relax.. i’ll include this on my lists of summer destinations this may 2011.. thanks for sharing. 🙂

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