4 Must-Visit Spanish Islands in 2020

Most Beautiful Spanish Islands For Your Next Visit to Spain

Spain is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful islands, with the most popular being situated amongst the Canary and Balearic island regions. So with so many to choose from, it can be tricky to pick one to visit. Well, fear not, as we have picked our favorite Spanish island destinations.


Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture photo via Depositphotos.com
Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture photo via Depositphotos.com

Probably Spain’s most famous island is incredibly popular with young people, due to its thriving and world-famous nightclub scene. Even though Ibiza is one of the world’s party capitals, that isn’t to say it’s the only thing attracting thousands of tourists each year.

The island has some stunning scenery, especially the Cova de Can Marca, a natural cave that dates back 100,000 years! Or alternatively, spend a day touring Ibiza by boat, exploring the crystal clear water that surrounds this beautiful island.


Boat Ride in Mallorca
Boat Ride in Mallorca

Not only is it Spain’s biggest island, but it’s also the most popular, providing tourists with 300 days of sunshine each year.

The island is famed for its coastline and boasts an impressive 200 beaches. Port d’Alcudia is one of the most renowned, due to its turquoise blue water and gentle waves. Perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Majorca or Mallorca also boasts some terrific dining opportunities and boasts some of Spain’s best seafood, beef, and lamb.

You can also soak up some of the island’s historical landmarks, most notably, La Seu, a cathedral in the heart of Palma. The building of La Seu began in the 13th Century but wasn’t completed until the 20th when the gothic-style interior and Antonio Gaudi-designed canopy was included.

La Palma

La Palma Spain
La Palma Spain

Also known as ‘The Beautiful Island’ due to its volcanic scenery and forests, La Palma is home to an international airport and ferry service to Tenerife, making it easily accessible.

A perfect destination for tourists that are looking for a relaxed and unrushed holiday, the island is home to an endless list of woodland and greenery. La Palma also boasts the world’s biggest crater that stretches an unbelievable five miles and drops 6,000 feet!

There is also an observatory on the island, which provides guests with tours and night time viewings of the island from their telescopes. The views are simply spectacular.


Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife
Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a hugely popular tourist destination, and its beaches and resorts are some of Spain’s best. Tenerife also has impressive nightlife, diving sites, and an extensive range of water sports to be enjoyed, especially at Playa Del Duque, the island’s most popular and impressive beach.

There is also a stunning mountain range in Tenerife, where tourists can take a cable car to the top of Spain’s peak. It can also be hiked, but only recommended for serious walkers.

So that’s our favorite Spanish Island destination. It comes as no surprise that such a beautiful and historical country has so many impressive holiday spots. However, if we had to choose our number one, it would most definitely have to be Majorca!

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